It’s a girl!

29th of March, 3pm

Greg, my mother and I had all made our way to our local ultrasound office- this was the moment we had been waiting for. Our (my mother, sister and I) hearts were set on a boy.

I lay down on that table, praying that we would see something between those itty bitty legs. As usual the technician had me empty my bladder (every.single.time) because he couldn’t see anything and off we went. 10 fingers, 10 toes, heart beat, an arm, a knee everything looked perfect..gender time.. It’s a girl!

I cried..and I cried a lot.. I was so grateful that our little baby was growing healthy and whole, I was grateful that we had even made it to an ultrasound with this pregnancy but A GIRL! We finished up the scan with tears streaming down my face. We sat in the waiting room anxious to get the little wallet picture to show our family and friends:


After sending my husband off to the gym and saying bye to my mum I got home and started sorting through the bags of clothes I had been given years ago (they were mainly boys clothes with a few girls items mixed in). I then called my dad. When I told him the news he laughed and said (and I quote) “I’m cursed to have only girls!” (I have 2 sisters) He then went on to explain that he thought girls were better and how father’s could be very hard on their sons (especially in his culture). Right then and there I thought he deserved an A+ in parenting.

By the time dinner came around I had fully embraced having a baby girl! How fickle hormones can be!

So here we are, playing the waiting game at 28 weeks.

With a 3D ultrasound in tow Baby Ava is almost here!


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