Recommended Apps

Today I bring you my top recommended apps! There are a lot of apps to choose from on iTunes if you put in the word “pregnancy” but the below have been tried by yours truly (and the husband) and are definitely the cream of the crop.


For those with gestational diabetes- MySugr

At this stage I’m only having to input my blood glucose levels however you can also put in your carbs, pills, how you’re feeling, reasons for possible high or low readings- you can also add in reminders and pictures. This app has been a lifesaver!

For those first time dad’s- Who’s Your Daddy?

With this being our first baby I wanted to find an app for Greg that was more visually appealing than What to Expect. The app comes with a built in checklist, contraction counter, weekly updates and daily tips. When setting up the app you input the name of your partner/spouse and child to be (if you have decided) and it personalizes the information each week.

A little side story- I came home late one night last week to Greg cleaning our toilets. This is normally his job but only when we’re “officially” cleaning the house. Apparently this app had mentioned that I was probably spending more time in the bathroom with all the extra weight pressing on my bladder. It has to be one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen him do!

For those first time (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th time) parents- What to Expect and The Bump

What to Expect is very informative as it details where your baby is at week by week. It also has built in videos for each week which goes into depth as to the milestones your baby is hitting. For most, the forum section on the app is fantastic! You can join one of the thousands of groups and share opinions and ideas with ladies from around the world. Personally, I was becoming obsessive about every little tweak I felt, or if another woman was experiencing something it started worrying me if I hadn’t felt that, so I decided to just completely ignore the forums. Each to his own.

As for The Bump- it is a very similar app to What to expect. I like the visual fruit and vegetables it gives for the size of the baby and the app, in general, is a lot more visually appealing.

If you use Instagram or Facebook- Baby Pics

This app is seriously so cute! They have banners that can be added to pictures categorized in themes: Dates, Holidays, Baby’s Firsts, On the Daily, Pregnancy etc

This app is modern and super easy to use!

For those that are pregnant- Dashlane

The amount of things I have forgotten while being pregnant is hilarious. Just yesterday I sent my husband off to work with his lunch which consisted of two slices of bread. I hadn’t put anything on the bread, or given him a spread for the bread- just two slices of bread. That is my most recent bout of forgetfulness! Dashlane stores all your passwords for all different social platforms (as well as computers, banks etc) in one place. Obviously you can’t be too careful so I have simply used it for general passwords which seem to be escaping me of late!

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