Cling to what is good!


What a week it has been for the pregnancy book! Because of the gestational diabetes I’ve had to have scans of baby girl every 2-3 weeks for the past 3 months to measure her growth. With GD babies they can either not grow, or grow too big- we’re blessed that she has grown and seems to be growing right on track (she’s in the 86th percentile on weight!). While the re-occurring scans have been an amazing experience- the second last scan we had indicated that her legs were measuring smaller than they should have. Our midwife confirmed the results but also re-assured us that the scans were just estimations and that everything could be fine. Having a baby growing inside of you but not being able to do anything about results such as “everything is growing fine except her legs” was very difficult. I spent the drive to work praying that everything would grow and catch-up over the next few weeks and that I would have peace so as to not worry about Ava every waking minute!

Thankfully, from the results we received this week it showed her legs were back on track (unlike the results on her last scan) and she is weighing in at nearly 8 pounds! I can’t explain the relief I have felt!

With the car seat installed and our bags packed its only right that we would have a little scare this week as well! We thought my waters had broken and spent the better half of a day being monitored and checked. While it was exhilarating to think that my waters may have broken, contractions hadn’t started an hour after losing the fluid, so in my heart of hearts I knew this wasn’t it.. They connected us to an ECG monitor for half an hour and did a few internal exams. After a number of hours we were allowed to go home with the results to follow the following day. Everything is looking fine and baby girl is still cooking away!

We are so grateful to have made it to 37/38 weeks! We can’t wait to meet our little baby girl..seriously…we’ve been googling how to bring on labour!!

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