Easy cupcakes

I know there’s probably a stigma from some people about packet mixtures (my mum is one of those).. Contrary to these people I am a full supporter of packet mixtures (pre-mixes) and icing. They are the best of so many worlds! 

– You are able to make a dessert, ready to be placed in the oven in less than 5 minutes

– the good quality ones taste amazing

– Pre-mixes are cheap AND

– they can be made with only 1 bowl and a spoon! (This is a major win with my husband who helps with the washing up!)

Below are cupcakes I made for a recent bridal kitchen tea. I used a vanilla cupcake mixture and Betty Crocker’s vanilla icing. 

I topped the cupcakes with strawberries (cut following this easy YouTube video).

Wrapping the cupcakes in lace was not easy but I found a shortcut which made it a quicker process: 

First cut the lace into squares (long enough so that the lace reaches the frosting)- I found by sticking the lace edges to the frosting it helped with keeping the lace upright for a minute so I could tie the twine. Using twine tie a knot around the cupcakes to keep the lace in place.

While there isn’t much of a recipe here- hopefully it will push you to try a good cake or cupcake pre-mix!

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