10 days on..

Leaves and Lemons Border Vintage Baby Shower PosterAva has been in our lives for 10 days now. What an incredible 10 days it has been. It’s amazing to think that this little person didn’t exist 9 months ago and yet here she is on the outside- feeding and sleeping like a champion! All those scans and pin pricks, the check ups and the preparation- everything for those 9 months led us to today. Looking down at my daughter I can’t help but get emotional as to how amazing God truly is.

Ava has been growing well. Because I received an early discharge from hospital (we were going stir crazy) we’ve had a few follow-up visits from a midwife at home. Everything has checked out fine a week on- Ava’s almost back to her birth weight which is great. A little Vitamin D deficient (which is quite common)- we went for a big walk yesterday in the sun to try and naturally help that (I think she got a little sun burnt- oops!!!) Reminder #1- buy some baby sunscreen!

We were prepared for parenthood in that we had nappies (diapers), bottles, a cot- all the material things you need to have a baby at home but nothing prepared me for the weight of responsibility I would feel after bringing our daughter home. People warned me of the 3 day cry- apparently your hormones drop off after birth around day 3 and lots of tears can ensue- let’s just say I’ve had the tears on day 3, day 5, day 7, day 8…

I’m sure there are various contributing factors to the tears:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Being mummy 24/7 for the past 10 days
  • Not going into work and having that social interaction

It has been a massive learning curve which I know will continue for the rest of her life- I’m comforted by the thought that she won’t be this little forever though! Of course we don’t want time to go too fast but at the moment I want to seriously bubble wrap her.

She had her first and second vomit yesterday- we think it may have been the amount of orange juice I drank- I bawled like a baby when she threw up. I have seriously turned into that parent… Did I mention that Greg and I stayed up looking at a video of her farting once she went to sleep earlier this week? We promised ourselves that we wouldn’t become those people.. We hang our heads in shame..

I got out of the house on Tuesday night which was amazing! Ava stayed home with daddy.. He did well until it was time to  burp her- after a few failed attempts he texted and let me know that he would just hold her until I got home, accompanied by this photo (we’ve come up with some great captions it..):

IMG_1128 It was quite funny.. Of course she eventually fell asleep 2 minutes before I walked in the door. It was nice going into Church and playing the piano again (I haven’t touched a piano in 2 weeks)!

Overall the beginnings of motherhood have been full of high’s and low’s- I can’t believe we’re already 10 days in and at the same time I can’t believe we’re only 10 days in!

We are so grateful for family and friends who have surrounded us with so much love and support- we couldn’t have done it without them!

Ava, my baby girl- you are so loved..

..and so the journey continues.

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