Books for the baby!

They say it’s never too early to start reading to your baby- well, I tried reading Ava a book on Thursday morning after her bottle- she lasted almost all the way through without fussing but I think it may have been a bit of over stimulation as she was awake for the next hour instead of napping!!!!!!

We were gifted with a few beautiful books for Ava.. My favourite by far though is “God gave us you” by Lisa Bergren. After losing our first pregnancy, reading the words penned by Lisa over and over “..God gave us you” truly reminds me over and over again of how precious our little baby is. I can’t read the book without weeping- poor Ava! I tried reading it to her today and ended up a blubbering mess- thankfully I don’t think she knows what tears are!

If you haven’t read it- I recommend you read it (you can browse through the book on Amazon) and buy it to read to your little ones! I’ve linked places where you can purchase the books we received (which I love), as well as two I grew up reading- Where’s Spot (flip book) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar! They are great interactive books for younger children. I’m sure her little library will continue to grow!


God gave us you // Mummy’s kisses // In my heart // Cuddles for Mummy // The very hungry caterpillar // Baby wombat’s week // Where’s Spot?

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