Baby Ava, 3 weeks on..

Ava is now 3 weeks old- ahhh! I can’t believe time has gone so fast! Overall she has been an amazing baby- we truly feel so blessed!

We’ve had a few hiccups with her bringing up a feed every few days. We thought we narrowed it down to a particular teat on a bottle (so we’ve stopped using that bottle), but she threw up again this morning. We can’t seem to find the trigger so we’ll need to keep going through the process of elimination. 
Since coming home from the hospital she has slept in 4-5 hour blocks with a few 6 hour blocks in there too- yay! Greg and I have adjusted to the broken sleep quite well if you ask me. We have a process down where he makes the bottles for the night feeds and I change her nappy- I’m so blessed with such a helpful husband, honestly- I have been functioning these past few weeks because of his great help!

Ava eats like a champion- taking both the bottle, formula and breast milk- we have been so blessed!

She loves the car and the pram- and can sleep through any noise (i.e church, vacuuming etc)

I wanted to say a special thank you to my mum. She has gone above and beyond- she visits every week and cooks us dinner- and on the weekends, when we have stayed at her house she wakes up for the midnight feed so we can sleep. I have seen her dote on Ava so much- it’s so beautiful to watch..I can already tell Oma is going to be Ava’s favourite! 

Today, during her midday nap I decided to take a few photos of our little beauty.. she also slept through that.. haha.. Happy 3 weeks my baby!

I love you so much!! 

2 thoughts on “Baby Ava, 3 weeks on..

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    You have such great blogs! Love following you on this journey!
    Wanted to know your must have’s you carry when your out with baby Ava? And what baby diaper bag you carry around ?


  2. Aw~. So precious, sweet, & beautiful!!!
    The little muscle at top of stomach takes a little while to develop, so she will be fine…spit ups happen~
    Proud of you guys!


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