Bridal Shower Printables

I know Growing a Bebé is based around raising our little girl Ava, however I think a big part of navigating parenthood is having balance. Balance in that we are raising our little girl in the hope that she will thrive as a tiny human (for the time being), but also balance in that I don’t get lost in only being “mum!” The conundrum of life I suppose…

So, to try and stay away from baby things this morning I am posting about my best friend Liz and her Bridal Shower that we hosted last year!

It was a beautiful outdoor event at her parents’ place. We actually had some rain the morning of, so while it was overcast and a little chilly the afternoon still went off without a hitch!


When we were planning her bridal shower we wanted to find games that hadn’t been played 100 times before.. Being Christians we also wanted appropriate games to play.. Do you know how difficult that is? You would think with the internet and Pinterest we would be inundated with choices…guess again!!!

Below are some of the ones we played at Liz’s Bridal Shower and another girlfriends bridal shower I attended last week which were a lot of fun! There are some games that are printables (from other authors as well as myself) and othersthat will require you to purchase a few items):

  • Pin the mustache on the groom– source unknown
    • For this game we got a picture of Roan (Liz’s now husband) and had our local Officeworks blow it up to size A0 (from memory). We then printed and cut out a bunch of mustaches for people to pin on the picture.

Things needed: Picture of groom printed in large scale, printed and cut out mustaches, Blue tack (to stick the mustaches on the picture) and a blind fold.

  • A variation of Chubby Bunny- source unknown
    • This is a game where questions are asked such as “how many children does [the grooms name] want to have?” If the bride answers the question wrong she has to put a marshmallow in her mouth. For every wrong answers another marshmallow needs to be put in her mouth. She can’t chew or swallow the marshmallows as the questions progress.

Things needed: Questions (with answers from the groom), marshmallows

  • Design a wedding cake- source unknown
    • We bought sponge cakes and various decorations and had each table design a wedding cake for the bride to judge.

Things needed: Sponge cakes, cake decorating items- frosting, edible beads etc

Downloadable Printable Games (word and pdf formats)

Because I was so involved in hosting the shower I don’t have many photos of the games, except for the ones below of the Wedding Cake Design. I thought the ladies did amazing with the wedding cakes considering they only had store bought ingredients to use!


The Decor

Teapots, Teacups etc

We hired the teapots, teacups, champagne flutes, saucers etc from a place in Bexley called High Tea Delights. While they were quite pricey the items were absolutely beautiful!


Her mum and I went to our Sydney Flower Market at 4:30am that Saturday morning and picked up hundreds of dollars worth of flowers- the arrangements were stunning if I say so myself..




If I’m missing any sources or you have any questions please let me know!

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