Diaper Bags!

Since the birth of Ava I have used my handbag twice. Now, carefully residing in the zipped pocket of my diaper bag is my phone and my wallet. I am constantly searching for my lip balm, eye lash curlers and a pen- but who has the arms to have a handbag AND a diaper bag?? I remember, quite a number of years ago, diaper bags were very plain in design- they are were made of easy washable material and looked like a duffel bag I may take for school sport.. I was gifted with a beautiful Oroton Diaper Bag (similar one here– mine is red)- while it is beautiful, If I was to pick a diaper bag I would definitely pick a larger one.

I did a roundup here of all the items I have in my diaper bag- I can confidently say that I have used everything in my diaper bag numerous times (including the change of outfits!)

Below are a few beautifully designed diaper bags I found- some I have seen in person, others I have looked at different images and reviews online. With prices ranging from AUD300+ down to AUD80, I hope this helps you to think outside the box of a simple diaper bag from Target or Kmart! There’s no reason why mums can’t be fashionable and practical!!


one- Isle of Charlie Finlay Nappy Bag // two- Oroton Signature O Baby Bag (on sale for AUD149!!!!) // three- Kate Spade classic nylon leapard harmony baby bag // four- Oi Oi Indigco Ecipse Dot Carry All Nappy Bag (on sale for AUD126!) and Chocolate Leather Satchel Nappy Bag (on sale for AUD231!) // five- Duo Signature Diaper Backpack // six- Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Super Be Diaper Bag

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