Baby Ava- 8 weeks on!

Here we are- Ava is 2 months old! We are already seeing so much of a difference with the way she looks and the things she is discovering!

Things she has discovered over the past 4 weeks:

  • Her hands and fingers! Her fingers end up in her mouth a lot!
  • Her non-audible laugh! Ava looks like she’s laughing but there’s no sound yet!
  • Her voice! I am sure she screamed in frustration today..uh oh..

Things she is outgrowing:

  • Her clothes! She’s gone up 2 sizes since birth!
  • Her sleeping bags! She’ll outgrow the last one I have in about 500grams!
  • Her bassinet! She is almost too long for bassinet, so the transition to the cot will be soon!
  • Her capsule pram. We’ve switched over to the normal pram seat, from the capsule (tear)..

Things we’re thankful for:

  • Her sleeping and eating patterns! Ava has been sleeping through the night since a few weeks after coming home from hospital!
  • The fact that she’s getting bigger! I have so many cute dresses for her as she gets bigger!!
  • Her beautiful blue eyes that haven’t changed colour yet! We’re hoping they stay blue!



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