City Elite Baby Jogger Review

I work in an area where there are quite affluent families- let me tell you- the price some of those families have paid for their prams is astronomical! When I was pregnant I would write down the names of prams I saw, especially travel systems (the capsule which clicks into the car and the frame) and have a look at their prices hoping to find one that was affordable! We knew we wanted a jogging pram, but not something super running-intense (cue the super huge wheels..) We initially set our sights on the Mountain Buggy however the 2016 model was not compatible with the capsule we were given by a friend so the next bext option was the City Elite Baby Jogger.


Here are the pros and cons that I have found:


  • Easy to fold up (when you have the normal pram seat on it)
  • Sturdy (can off road a little) and when running
  • Can lock the front wheel in place when running
  • Spacious baby seat
  • Has a great harness system
  • 3 storage pockets near the top of the sun-viser (I love some convenient storage)


  • When the normal pram seat is on, the bottom mesh storage area is not easy to access
  • Heavy to lift into boot (trunk for those Americans)
  • Bulky to fit into boot if you don’t have a large boot (we have a Hyundai i30 and it just fits)

Overall this pram has been great! This is the pram liner we bought (also featured in the first photo)- I wanted to keep the colour of the pram streamlined with the liner.

If you have any specific questions let me know!

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