Easy BBQ Lamb

If you’re an Australian you probably have read a thousand lamb recipes.. if you’re from anywhere else in the world (mainly U.S.A) this may be new for you.. Greg, my husband, hadn’t had much lamb before he moved here 8 years ago. Now, it’s one of his favourite meals!

The great thing about lamb is that it is hard to get wrong. You can BBQ it, Pan-fry it, put it in the oven.. whatever you decide it will normally come out tasting incredible! When I was pregnant we were having lamb at least once a week.. my love for lamb went into over drive!

Apart from the lamb, everything you need for this recipe you should have you in your pantry and fridge!

IMG_3153.JPGEasy BBQ Lamb

Serves 2

Things you need

– 4 Lamb Forequarters (I cut mine in half. If you pull them apart slowly you’ll see a fat line that you can cut against)

– 3 tsp Crushed Garlic/3 garlic cloves. I use the crushed garlic in a jar, you can use fresh chopped garlic though.

– 2 TBSP Olive Oil

– 3 Rosemary Sprigs

– a few pinches of salt and pepper

How to

1. Cut the lamb forequarters in half

2. Place all ingredients in a bowl and combine. Place bowl in the fridge overnight so the flavours absorb

3. Leave the lamb at room temperature as you heat the BBQ up.

4. Place the lamb on the BBQ and cook for approx 2-3min on each side twice over. Lamb is best eaten medium.

5. Service immediately with salad or mixed vegetables.


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