Baby Food Adventures

img_3741Ava has been eating more and more solids which has been exciting! She has predominantly been eating a few combinations:

  • Sweet Potato, Carrot and White Potato
  • Apple & Pear
  • Sweet Potato and Carrot

We tried banana once but it didn’t work out that well.. Anyways, with me heading back to work in a few short weeks I decided to bulk make baby food yesterday. I have no issues with store bought baby food, but I wanted to try and make homemade food for as long as possible before resorting to the convenience of pre-packaged! My mum tells of a time when she tried to feed me a store bought baby food mix and I threw the whole thing up.. it could have been because of acid reflux, the type of vegetables in the mix etc etc but she swears that it was the fact that it was store bought and not homemade..

What I decided to do was buy a bunch of fruit and vegetables, chop, steam and puree them all individually. Once done, I then combined the different flavours together and loaded the mixture into cleaned ice cube trays*.


So, I’m going to pause here and explain a few things:

  1. I used my microwave to steam everything except the fruits that didn’t need steaming (bananana, blueberries, plums and mango). I know there are people who will probably criticize me for using the microwave.. I didn’t want to have a billion pots of water going to try and steam everything on the stove so I’m sorry..
  2. I broke the microwave with all the steaming..haha..after a 7 year stint I think it was time for a new microwave anyways.. but if you do decide to steam everything take breaks between using it..
    2a. Have you seen the cost of microwaves lately?!?! WHAT THE..

The longest part of this process was the peeling and chopping. I read somewhere that they recommend peeling fruit and vegetables until your baby is about 7-9 months, so this was the most tedious part of everything.


The fruit and vegetables I used were:








Sweet Potato




White Potatoes



The combinations (from memory) I made were:

  1. Carrots, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato
  2. Sweet Potato and Zucchini
  3. Mango, Peach, Apple and Pear
  4. Apple, Pear and Mango
  5. Blueberry and Banana
  6. Sweet Potato, Spinach and Zucchini
  7. Apple, Pear and Plum
  8. Apple, Pear, Mango and Plum
  9. Banana, Blueberry and Peach


Once frozen overnight I put the different flavours into ziplock bags in the freezer.


I’ll let you know how the different flavours go as we try them!

If you have any questions please let me know!!

*I read a tutorial on how to clean ice cube trays to hold baby food. I washed them with soapy water first and then washed them again with just boiling water. I did a few rinse throughs with boiling water afterwards as well.

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