The Mum Uniform

Since having Ava I have to plan when I shower/wash my hair/what time of morning I get changed- mostly everything has a routine! Ava’s at the stage where she lunges for things so simply putting her on the bed now is no longer an option (unless we put her all the way in the middle and check on her every minute or so). I think I have worn my hair in the same style since Ava was born- it’s super hard to get creative when your priority is not yourself anymore..

Anyways.. I haven’t done a round up of outfits lately so I wanted to cover what I think a ‘mum uniform’ is for me. In movies mums are always portrayed in their gym pants or tracksuit pants with an oversized hoodie dropping their kids off to school.. if you are one of these people- no judgement here.. I just cannot mentally cope with the day if I don’t put on something semi-presentable (to me).

These are a few of my go-to outfits or forms of them- they are all super affordable and mum-appropriate!


From left to right (clockwise)

Green Shirt Dress | Scarf | Shoes

Denim Top | Skirt | Shoes

Khaki Dress | Cardigan | Heels

Parka (similar) | Skirt | T-shirt | Boots

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