Baby Toys

I generally keep our home very clean.. everything has a place..… Having a young baby who is almost mobile has put a small dent in this- if it’s not toys everywhere, it’s clothing or a headband..

636322716301489102_Afterlight_EditAs Ava has gotten older I’ve definitely relaxed a little.. We have a canvas hamper that we use to store her toys downstairs which has worked great for us!


Below are a few from the Kmart AU.


Ava doesn’t have hundreds of toys (mainly due to space issues)- but even with the 10 or so she owns she definitely has favourites!



The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Bird Bath was given to Ava by friends of ours- it is definitely her favourite toy! The bee travels around the top of the toy while she can press down the big and small bird. As you pull out the shapes at the bottom they say the colours. It is a fantastic learning tool!



Her second favourite is the Fisher Price Xylophone– the fact that she can hit the toy to make noise is very very exciting!


The third favourite toy is a rag doll that was given to her from a good friend of ours over in Perth. I’m not sure of the brand, but it’s a simple plush toy that she loves to suck on and throw around.
Overall, we haven’t spent a lot of money on toys, but the ones we have are very loved!

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