Inflatable Fun!


If you’re like me, you’ve probably wandered through a many Kmart and Target searching for the next project, or the next birthday gift. I’ve browsed most of the shelves looking for home wares and kids toys- sometimes during my lunch break at work, other times, late at night once Ava has gone to bed.

Last year, while browsing the Kmart shelves in search of a birthday gift, I found a blow up slide and ball pit.. I was shocked! How did Kmart have something so amazing as a slide and ball pit!! Ava (who was 3 months at the time) wasn’t nearly old enough to be able to use the toy, but I made a mental note to check back in about a year when she was walking.. well…since that day Kmart, Target, Best & Less they have all upped their Inflatables game. You’re about to be blown away trust me!!

From prices ranging from AUD7 up to a whopping AUD529 you can purchase pool inflatables for summer, or simple slides and ball pits! If you have a bit of extra room in your backyard or play room I highly recommend looking into investing in some inflatable fun!!


from top left to right


Inflatable Battle sticksInflatable Flamingo100 pack play balls  

Inflatable Happy Hop, Jump, Splash, Wave Fun Zone  | Inflatable Bouncy Castle

Inflatable Slide & Ball Pit | Inflatable Donut 






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