Flower Hoop DIY

When it comes to design I am very minimal. I love natural timber and white. Our entire downstairs is very neutral and clean. When it came to Ava’s room I kept the white walls and went with accents of peach and pink. I hadn’t really added to it the past few months- it was basic and cute. Well, I decided to start adding things to wall- I figured that as she was getting older she should probably have more of a “grown-up” room… you know.. because she’s no longer 12 months.. she’s actually one and 14 days old!

I’ll be sharing a few DIY’s I’ve done for her room, starting with this flower hoop. I actually had everything for this project already which was great. I’ve linked below sources for the items here in Australia, but I’m sure if you’re based elsewhere your local fabric and craft store will have everything you need!


636403274248052181_Afterlight_EditThings you’ll need

Hot Glue Gun

Artificial Flowers (I used two)- you can use a bunch or a single stem

Embroidery Hoop

How To

The first thing you’re going to want to do is cut the leaves off of the stems. this will allow you to stick them onto the hoop better. Leave some stem though coming out of the flower bud.


Next, place the arrangement on the hoop as you envision it. I put the leaves down first and then placed the flowers on top. Take a picture or commit it as much to memory.636403268273366697_Afterlight_Edit

Next, stick the flower buds on first. I did this by leaving a bit of stem coming out of the flower bud, and gluing the stem to the hoop. I then added glue to the end of the leaves and placed them around the flowers.

..and Voila!



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