Toddler Travel Review (Headphones and Apps)

In my post last week I spoke about how we take Ava’s favorite snacks with us on flights.. Well, I took a picture of her snack box to give you an idea of what we take etc

Funny fact- if you’re traveling to Western Australia you’re not allowed to take fresh berries and nuts across the border!

Anyways, I had some strawberries and blueberries to keep her busy for a few minutes, Lebanese bread because it doesn’t create as many crumbs as slice bread or toast, some spreads (I packed peanut butter and Nutella), slice cheese and lastly a fruit pouch (not pictured).

For those who follow me on Instagram you would have seen that this was Ava’s 16th and 17th flight this past weekend- we wanted to try headphones for the plane ride as we’re hoping she’ll use them for the flight to the U.S. Overall I’d say they went really well. She would only keep them on for 10-15min at a time which was great all things considered. Below are my pros and cons if you’re looking at trying headphones for your toddler:


  • It will keep your child occupied for a certain amount of time as they’ll be able to hear the shows as well as watch them
  • Cheap and easy to store
  • The volume is super soft/controlled. Perfect for little ears.


  • The cord length was a bit too long and so it would get tangled easily. A retractable cord would be fantastic!

Overall I’d say it was a great and cheap investment.

We’ll keep practicing in the next few weeks to help her adjust!

The last thing I wanted to mention was our “go-to” apps for when travelling with Ava! We use an Ipad and the following apps:


Netflix- major “pro” here- you can download tv shows and movies for offline watching! We downloaded some dog movies as Ava is obsessed with dogs, as well as shows she likes like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

ABC iView- These can’t be downloaded offline, but they are great time wasters for the airport.

Kids Youtube- A great time waster for the airport with cleaner ads and videos.

iBooks- There are great kids’ books on this app. I remember having a Toy Story book which was an audio and visual book with moving parts. My niece used to love it!

Fruit ninja- Ava is captivated by this game! It improves fine motor skills as well as keeps her entertained for a few minutes. The game has really bright fruit that fills the screen which is great for kids, she also gets permission to touch the screen a thousand times.. and it helps with fine motor skills as she has to track the fruit as they fly into the air- this is a major thumbs up from us.

2 thoughts on “Toddler Travel Review (Headphones and Apps)

  1. Hi Stephanie! When are coming to the states? The reason I ask ? I am trying to figure out a way to get a few Bro Norris’s new book to AU… Do you know anyone from states coming over to AU? I so enjoy your blogs…makes me smile Love & laughter, nancy norris Sent from my iPad



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