Christmas Baking

Living in Sydney means our Christmas period is celebrated in sweltering temperatures. Even as I type this it is 44C or 108F outside. You can normally find at least half of the population at a beach sometime over the three days that are Christmas (Eve, Day and Boxing Day). I was born and raised here so a hot Christmas is the only Christmas I’ve ever know. It took Greg, my husband, a while to really get into the Christmas mood- being from mid-west America meant they were drowning in snow by mid-December, surrounded by fireplaces and overcoats. After 8 years I can say that he has truly become acclimatized- you can catch him in flip flops and t-shirts most weekends in December.

Part of getting into the Christmas Spirit is the holiday baking! We have some awesome Australian Christmas traditions- i.e. Fruit Mince Puddings, Roast Pork with Crackling, Fresh Prawns, Salmon, oysters (pretty much anything from the ocean), Smoked Ham, Pavlova.. I could go on and on..

Despite the great Aussie traditions I am a sucker for everything warm and cozy. I love warm hot chocolate and songs about having a White Christmas. I’ve tried to incorporate as any of these northern hemisphere traditions as I can down here!

Below are some of my favourite Christmas Baking and Dessert Recipes!


Christmas Sugar Cookies | Fruit Mince Pies | Gingerbread House

Snowmen Cream Puffs | Aussie Pavlova | Gingerbread Men

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