Twenty Facts about Steph

Hi Guys!

For those who are new here I wanted to introduce myself. I don’t think I have ever posted one of these “fun facts” posts. It was soooo difficult to come up with things so don’t be too harsh..ha!

  1. My middle name is Carmen. It is a tribute to my great grandmother Nana Carmen who was born and raised in Malta. She moved to Australia later in her life. Fun side fact- Ava’s middle name is named after her great grandmother Nana May.
  2. I lived in the U.S.A for a year where I was studying music which is where I met Greg, my now husband. We have been together for over 10 years.
  3. I have lots of friends, but my best friend of 22 years is Liz. Our mums met on the first day of kindergarten and have been best friends ever since. She is now living over the other side of the country and it’s slowly breaking our hearts. Fun side fact- for my wedding Liz bought me a stand mixer which I love and think of her every time I use it. For her wedding 2 years ago I bought her a stand mixer!
  4. I am able to teach Classical Piano and am self taught (but not very good at all) on the guitar, bass and drums (I took 10 lessons on this one).
  5. I love watching Ice Hockey- my dream is to one day sit behind the glass at a game!
  6. I will, any hour of the day, eat a donut. Glazed, unglazed, hot, cold- It really doesn’t matter to me. My all time favourite though is a classic Krispy Kreme or Strawberry Glazed.
  7. I work outside of the home selling ingredients into cosmetic products such as anti-ageing peptides and collagen boosting actives.
  8. I currently take a boxing class two mornings a week and absolutely love it. I was tired of the same old gym routine so this was an amazing new challenge.
  9. I have climbed the Harbour Bridge.
  10. I played Rugby League in High School.
  11. I hate mushrooms. Fun side fact- When I was about 10 years old I heard one of my mums friends say she hates mushrooms and from that day on I would never again eat one (except for that one time my grandad had slaved away in the kitchen cooking Greg and I a meal which included mushrooms… I ate them)
  12. I am training for my first half marathon- Hello Canberra 2018!
  13. I have visited 7 countries. On one of these trips (when I was 4 months pregnant) we experienced the biggest Cyclone Fiji had ever seen.
  14. I serve as the music director at the church we attend. I work alongside 22 amazing team and talented team members that push me to be better every single day!
  15. I played netball for around 10 years in my teen years. Centre and Goal Attack were my positions of choice.
  16. I love the ocean like I love donuts.
  17. I studied Japanese in High School for 4 years. I could read, write and speak!
  18. I love dead silence in the car. No music, speaking.. just pure blissful silence
  19. Every house I’ve lived in prior to moving out of home when we were married was built by my father! He is amazing at what he does!
  20. I am not lucky when it comes to winning things but one time about 4 or 5 years ago I won a $500 voucher to stay at a 5 star hotel downtown Sydney.

Thanks for stopping by!


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