Our life routine with a toddler!

I have received so many questions over the past 18 months as to how I keep Ava in a routine. We have super busy lives between work, church and life.

I know I have posted Ava’s newborn routine before but I wanted to detail my routine day-to-day with a toddler! Below is a summary of our routine- while it doesn’t follow the below every single day I would say we follow this about 80-90% of the time.


6am- Ava wakes up so the whole family is up. Ava has a bottle in our bed while Greg or I go for a run/gym/gym class

7am- Come downstairs and make breakfast for everyone. Get the lunches together for everyone going to work that day. Wash the dishes from breakfast

7:45-10:15am- Play inside/outdoors, meet friends for a play date and grocery shop. If we’re strapped for time I won’t grocery shop here so she doesn’t miss her 10am/10:15am nap.

8:30am- Snack time- banana, watermelon, a few crackers etc

10:15am- Ava has her second bottle and goes down for her first nap. She will sleep till around midday. This is where I get any specific things done such as emails/blogging/menu planning for the week (If I didn’t have time too last week and we haven’t grocery shopped yet)

12pm- Eat lunch (or go and buy lunch) and grocery shop. I generally go into Kmart and walk around the shops a bit to drag the time out here. If we grocery shopped in the morning this is where we play indoors/outdoors.

2pm- Ava has her third bottle and goes down for her second nap. She will sleep till around 3:45pm. After I put her down I will empty the groceries and make dinner for that night. When I make dinner I always make extra so we can have it the next day for lunch. Depending on the difficulty of the next days meals I may also make Tuesdays and potentially Wednesdays meals here and freeze them.

3:45pm- Snack and Indoor/Outdoor play until dad gets home around 5pm.

5:30pm- Dinner together and after dinner play

6:15pmish-7:15pm- Bath time and book reading

7:15pm- Fourth bottle and bed time

Ava will sleep through the night now until 6am when we do it all over again.

If you have any specific questions please let me know. As mentioned, we normally follow this schedule except for Fridays- instead of grocery shopping I normally clean the house.

Another thing to note is I do our laundry just once a week, on a Saturday morning. Everything gets consolidated in the laundry and I will do 2-4 loads, hang them out and have everything dry by late afternoon. So I’m not stuck at home I work the loads around our Saturday schedule. For e.g. If we go out to breakfast I will put a load on as soon as I wake up so it’s done by the time we’re leaving for breakfast. I’ll hang that load out and set another one ready for when we get home from Breakfast.

I used to have a friend who did her cleaning on Saturday and she commented to me that she felt like it was cutting into her family time as her husband worked Monday-Friday- her comments have stuck with me for years which is why I make it a point to do the bulk of cleaning on Fridays during the day.

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