What I’m currently listening to..

I have 2-3 days where I catch up on my podcasts for the week. This is about the only time I don’t have anyone else in the car and can actually listen in silence! I have a few great podcasts on rotation at the moment that I think you’ll love if you’re a mum or dad and looking for inspiration to get back into a hobby you love or pick that skill back up!

You’ll notice a theme with the podcasts I have on rotation at the moment- entrepreneurship! Trust me, after listening to “How I built this” you’ll want to go out and start a business!

Here’s a round up of my fav’s at the moment:

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivy  |  Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller  |  How I built this with Guy Raz  |  This American Life  |  The Goal Digger  |  Munchin with Moguls

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