Woven- That friend..

For those who have just started following Growing A Bebé, Woven is a series of stories from the women around me- their stories of labour, love and growing their (in this case) not-so little families.. I hope you see the imperfect perfect of this journey we call motherhood in the tapestry of stories woven by each woman.

My next guest in our series, Woven, is a dear friend of mine- Pet! She is that friend.. the one who will laugh with you till you cry, who will tell you straight without beating around the bush, she has a killer voice (like killer) and will absolutely do everything she can to see you succeed at life! She has a heart of gold for the people around her and loves her family in such depth she truly shows the love of Christ! She has four boys (which includes one set of twins) with a little girl on the way! Her boys are some of the sweetest men you will ever meet- the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to these hearts of gold I tell you..

IMG_5206.JPGSo, here goes my interview with one of my dearest friends..

*one quick side story- we originally tried to do this interview last year but we just couldn’t find a time that worked.. fast forward nearly 11 months and here she is expecting number 5!

So, I know you come from a large family- how many siblings do you have? 9!

Can you tell me a bit about your family? My family all live in New Zealand and I am the only one who lives abroad.  We are a very close, dynamic, sometimes annoying loving family.

How many children do you have? 4 and a half, well one on the way my first baby girl she is due in 5 weeks’ time.

Where did you have your children? The older 3 boys were born in Wellington Hospital, New Zealand.  Jireh, my youngest was born in Randwick Royal Women’s, in Sydney.

I’ve noticed that all your boys have names starting with the letter J. Is there a special meaning behind this? It wasn’t intentional, it just kinda happened that way.  When we found out we were having twins, we decided to name one after each side of the family. Josiah is my older brother’s name.  Johnson is my husband’s mother’s maiden name..

Jonah is named after one of the New Zealand Rugby Union greats Jonah Lomu. (my husband’s favourite player) and Jireh, well his name was because God provided above what we had expected.

Did you have a Natural of C-section birth? The twins were emergency C section, at 36 weeks.  Jonah was a normal birth about 3.5 hours and Jireh’s was a normal birth – all I remember is arriving at the hospital at 2:45am and he was born at 3:15am in the morning.

That is absolutely crazy considering my labour was 22 hours!!!

How were your pregnancies? It is the only time I lose weight without trying..haha…  I usually can’t eat meat, but other than that things seem to be well.

Did you take maternity leave with your boys? With the younger boys I was off work for several years,  Maybe 3?  I can’t even remember.  With Jireh I was off 6 weeks then I went back to work, but worked from home.  With my daughter, I’ll be having 12 weeks off.

So I know you’re originally from New Zealand, when did you move to Australia and how did you find moving? We moved to Oz in 2006 and it has been one of the best decisions we ever made.

I always ask our mum’s for a funny or memorable story about their kids. I was crying from laughter at this story..

Just last week one of my children, who I won’t name, told his teacher that I didn’t give him lunch.  There was in fact lunch in his bag, but because I had reused the snap lock bag from last week’s lunch (ok I had run out of snap lock bags so I just reused it) he thought his lunch was old from the previous week and refused to eat it.  The Canteen is closed on Mondays, nevertheless the teacher went to find a key to the canteen and made him noodles for his lunch.  When she asked why he didn’t have lunch, his reply was “my mum was too lazy to go to the shops!” All I could think of was what the teacher probably thought of me.  The world’s worst mum who sends her child to school with no lunch.   LOL.

If you know Pet you would know who this child is.. haha..

What do you currently do for work?  I work in Strata management, my actual role is a combination of roles, but it is Senior Strata Manager & Business Development Manager. I manage units across Sydney and work 4 days a week.  On the side, I work alongside one of my dearest friends in the interior design industry.  We freelance and love all things interior design.

If you’re looking for an interior designer make sure you check out Salt & Light Interiors!

What do you find the hardest thing is now, at this stage of life with your children at the age they are?  Hardest would be… hmm reminding myself that bad moments don’t make a bad mum.  I try to have one on ones with my kids and just spend time with them, sometimes if i’m not careful my boundaries change without me realizing and I lose sight of the things most important and the people who are most important to me- My family.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new mum what would you tell them? Take time out for yourself when you need it, guilt free.  You deserve it, being a mum is exhausting but so rewarding.  You deserve to have a little time to recharge your batteries.

And lastly.. what do you feel is your greatest achievement to date?  Raising our boys and family to be amazing loving humans.

I can tell you guys her boys are amazing.

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