Tea Favours

With so many girlfriends we have a lot of Wedding Showers and Baby Showers. We are always looking for new and exciting games or favour ideas- it’s hard to not double up sometimes!

I made these test tube tea favours for a girlfiends baby shower a few months ago. They are super easy to make and work out a lot cheaper than buying them already made up!


I’ve linked all my sources below!

Test Tubes (from Ebay)

Bulk Tea Mix(from Austral Herbs)– I bought 1kg which was way too much to make 50 test tubes.. I would go with half a kg if you need 50 favours.

Jute Rope(from Kmart)

Kraft Paper Card Stock(from Kmart)

The thank you’s were printed using a template made in Canva on a regular printer.

(not pictured- printer and hole punch)

How to

-All you need to do is fill the test tubes (I did this using a teaspoon)

-Print and cut out the thank you templates

-Hole punch a hole near one end of the thank you tags

-Thread the jute rope through the hole and tie around the top of the test tubes

Super easy and cute!

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