Running Skirts

Most of my friends don’t exercise- well at least, not that I know of. I don’t have any real running pals (except my husband)- well, let me clarify, my one running partner I had a few years ago up and moved 2 hours this hasn’t really been a topic I have discussed much in person.

A lot of ladies I know are comfortable enough just wearing tights and a t-shirt when working out or running but I prefer wearing a skirt. There are a select few companies around that make running/workout skirts with appropriate length (I’m meaning to the knee or lower). My mum buys hers from a manufacturer in Israel (crazy..I know). I’ve had a few U.S. companies bookmarked for years- just keeping an eye on what they’re making and I have to say year on year they are getting better and better!


Flash Back to 2014 (I think) with my favourite Nike tights (that I still wear) and a Suzanne Grae stretch skirt from my frugal grandma!

Surprisingly Nike and Lorna Jane have both brought out below the knee running skirts in the last 12 months that look fantastic as well! I’ve linked three of the top ones on my list as well as some comments on each below.

Running Skirts.jpg

From Left to Right:

  1. Lorna Jane– I came across this skirt just last week! The material doesn’t have much stretch but the fabric feels nice. There aren’t any splits on the sides so I wouldn’t recommend this one for any long runs! Definitely recommended for walking or athleisure as they like to call it now.
  2. Nike–  This skirt has good sized splits on the sides to allow for running. With a large pocket in front it’s suitable for carrying keys/credit cards etc. The length is also great if you are looking for something longer than the knee! The con for me would be the minimal drawstring waistband- If you’re upwards of a size 12 sometimes drawstring waists are unflattering!
  3. Snoga– Snoga tops my list every day all day! My favourite at the moment (which mimics my current running set up) is a knee length swing skirt with built in tights! At the moment I’m using a H&M Teen girl swing skirt and Nike tights (not built in). It works well but the skirt sometimes rides up over the tights which can be frustrating. We’re heading to the U.S. in a few months- the plan is to purchase a Snoga skirt and have it delivered while we’re there! Also, Snoga have heaps of great modest designs so check out their website!

All three shops mentioned above ship to Australia (and worldwide for that matter!).

I hope this is helpful in your search for modest running wear!


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