Hi! I’m Steph!

I am married to an incredible man, Greg- almost eight years later and we’re still having the time of our lives.

I am mum to a beautiful little girl – Ava, who is almost one and a half.
I work in sales for cosmetic ingredients but my true love lies in graphic and website design, print media design and creative content sourcing.
I studied classical musical as a teenager and can actually teach classical piano. I’m self-taught on the bass, guitar and drums (so pretty sub-par on those).

I love designing and organising spaces- I am definitely OCD when it comes to lists and tasks.

I enjoy boxing and working up a sweat when I can actually make it out the door in the mornings- I am not a morning person. Baby + non-morning person= a really hands on dada (whom we love and adore)!

I hope you enjoy this little space I’ve created to navigate our journey through parenthood.

Our life (and this blog) is sprinkled with advice from parents, friends and grandparents.

We’ve read books and listened to podcasts in the hopes of raising a functional loving child.

I hope you find comfort, laughter and maybe even tears in this blog- let’s journey together.

Steph x