Mumma’s Little Helpers

I don’t know if you’ve heard about Mumma’s little helpers– they are the inventors and creators of this catcher device that velcros to your baby’s high chair to catch all the food they throw overboard..


This is Ava looking like a boy, not wanting to let go of her teddies to eat breakfast.. she is obsessed with teddies at the moment!

The catcher is one of the best purchases we ever made as Ava transitioned to solids! To give you an idea of how it works/ how much it catches, I took a photo from tonight’s dinner carnage.


It is an amazing product that I highly recommend!

Mummy & Me

One of the sweetest things I have been able to do is dress to match Ava! I don’t know why I find it so adorable, but I do! There are a few companies that I’ve found that make clothes for a mum and her baby to match!!

I’m waiting till Ava can walk before I start purchasing specific items, for now, I’ll just continue to match colours and styles!

Below are some of the companies I have on short list for when Ava begins walking!


Top Left (Made by Jeniffer) | Top Righ (Evy’s Tree)

Bottom Left (Ryleigh Rue Clothing) | Bottom Right (Be Inspired Boutique)

Sleeping training 101

DSC_0125.JPG We were blessed with a baby who loves to sleep!! From a few conversations I’ve had with friends I can see that we are really really blessed. There have been a few things we’ve done that I believe have helped with this process. I know Ava may experience some sleep regression- we’re crossing our fingers that this doesn’t happen!

I’m going to preface what I say but saying that all babies are different (obviously), and we use a pacifier (dummy for those here in Aus). We are also talking about a nearly 4 month old here, not a 6 or 12 month old.

Okay, so here we go..

  1. Swaddling!
    We have swaddled Ava since the night she was born. As a baby I was swaddled, my niece was swaddled- I can’t emphasis enough how effecive swaddling is. We were using muslin wraps, but then switched to a Love to Dream Swaddle Up as Ava was getting her arms out of the wraps and hitting her face with her hands.
  2. Learn sleeping and eating cues
    Sleeping Cues- Long blinks (duh), rubbing of the eyes (once they hit the 2-3 month age when they can control their hands), whinging (from being overtired). One trick I use is I will put Ava in the cradle/sleeping position in my arms and see how much she fights. There have been times that she will close her eyes as soon as I lay her that way and I know to put her to bed immediately. (see point 3 about putting your baby to bed awake)
    Eating Cues- In the first month of her life we would change Ava’s nappy during the night feeds. The midwives recommended this to wake the baby up so she would eat. We stopped doing this once she hit the 2 month mark as we noticed that she would eat, burp and fall back to sleep if we didn’t wake her up fully by changing her nappy… that and she would be awake wanting to eat anyways..
  3. Putting your baby to sleep awake
    From the day we came home from the hospital we have put Ava to bed awake. Whether it’s a nap or her big night time sleep, every time she is put to bed she is awake. I believe this has helped her fall back to sleep during the night as well as learning to self soothe between sleep cycles! From memory she did whinge at the beginning, when we put her to bed, but after a minute or two she either just lays and stares or has fallen asleep
  4. Think: Is she hungry or fussing?
    Ava has been sleeping through the night (8pm-5amish) since the age of around 2.5 months. Prior to that she was waking up only once (around midnight). We could tell that she was slowly transitioning away from the one wake-up during the night- she wouldn’t finish the bottle, she was super drowsy while eating etc.. So when she woke up around 12pm/1am we would let her fuss a little and then put a pacifier in her mouth. I know this may sound cruel to some people or that we were starving her- but we noticed that as soon as we put the pacifier in her mouth she would fall back to sleep and sleep for another 3-4 hours. After a few days of repeating this she started sleeping through the night without waking up at midnight. It was as simple as that.

Those are the main points that have gotten us onto a great routine so far! Please let me know if you have any specific questions!!

Pumpkin Patch

At first I couldn’t believe Pumpkin Patch was going out of business.. they have been in Australia for a number of years. My mum dressed me in Pumpkin Patch and I’ve dressed my daughter Ava in their clothes.. but alas.. They (along with Charlie & Me) have a closing down sale of 40-60% off. While I’m really sad that they will no longer be around I can’t help but capitalize on their closing down sale! Below are some of my favourite picks! I’ll be going in store this week to pick up a few bargains!


Flutter all in one | Headband | Shoesboy-3

Tank | Shorts | Top | Sneakersoutfit-2

Headband | Tights | Bodysuit | Shoes | Skirtboy-2

Polo | Shorts | Shoesoutfit-3

Bow | Pants | Shoes | Coatboy-1

Top | Shoes | Jeans

Baby Shower Gifts

My best friend threw Ava and I the most beautiful Baby Shower a few months ago- we laughed and cried and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with family and friends! I received so many amazing gifts!! We were truly spoiled..

It’s hard to know what to get a new mum-to-be so I’ve detailed a summary of some of the main (and super useful) gifts we received and have used since we came home from hospital!

There’s a few things that I’ll quickly mention:

  • Bonds Two Zipper Wondersuits- SUPER HELPFUL! There are other brands that have the two-way zipper onesies, but the bonds onesies have little pockets on the wrists and feet which you fold over once you have the onesie on the baby, which act as socks and mittens! It’s an all-in-one outfit!
  • ErgoPouch- There are other brands which I’m sure work great. We were gifted with the Ergo brand which has worked amazing!
  • Bottles- Check the teets on the bottles! We had a problem where Ava was throwing up her bottles, my mum had an ah-ha moment which led us to check the teets- only 1 was a slow flow! Since then I have bought more slow flow teets and she hasn’t spit up a bottle since!
  • Bassinet- If you are going to get one, purchase one that has a removal top bed section. This has been great for bringing Ava downstairs if I don’t want to wake her!
  • New Pajamas for the mum-to-be- It was wonderful to have a new set of pjs to change into after giving birth!


One- Double zip onesies (Bonds Wondersuit pictured) // Two- Baby Mittens // Three- Singlets (Bonds Chesty Singlets pictured) //Four- ErgoBaby Sleeping Bag // Five- Swaddles (Sheridan baby wras pictured) //Six- Bibs // Seven- Breast Milk Freezer Bags //Eight- Huggies Newborn Starter Pack // Nine- Portacot //Ten- Range of bottles //Eleven- Manual Breast Pump // Twelve- Bassinet //Thirteen- Baby Bouncer // Fourteen- New Pjs for Mum- Top, Bottoms and Slippers // Fifteen- Baby Blanket

Not pictured but a GREAT gift: Nappies, nappies and more nappies!! I am blown away with how many nappies we have gone through!

If you have any questions on specific brands or other items we were gifted please let me know!!

My heart..


“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

Elizabeth Stone

After coming across the Wrapped in Love DIY from Delia, I decided to create my own version using a crochet heart I worked on when I was pregnant!

I vaguely remembered how to crochet a heart (don’t look too hard at the heart proportions)- here is an easy instructional if you are a beginner.

Things needed for the project:

  • A white muslin or cotton baby wrap
  • Crochet Heart
  • Thread matching the colour of your crochet heart
  • Hemline pins
  • Needle

Step 1 and 2.jpg

Step 1- Gather everything you will need to make the wrap

Step 2- Because Ava was sleeping I guesstimated how big she was for the placement of the heart. I would recommendwrapping your baby in the wrap and marking it with a pen where the heart needs to go.


Step 3- Place the heart on the wrap

Step 4- Pin the heart in place


Step 5- Stitch the heart in place with the matching thread.

When washing I would recommend placing it in a dedicates bag and washing on a gentle cycle.

A super easy tutorial which can add a beautiful touch to any plain wrap you have!