Timber Canvas Frame DIY

Have you seen those hanging timber canvas frames going around? They have timber at the top and bottom, but nothing around the edges? I’ve been wanting one for a while now for Ava’s room, but they are so expensive! I couldn’t believe that people were charging $30+ for a few pieces of timber and some string! I decided to make one for myself and surprisingly it actually turned out pretty good!

IMG_0517.JPGThings you’ll need

– 4 lengths of timber- a few things here- depending on what size the poster is you’ll need 4 lengths of timber cut to the same size. I “framed” an A3 picture so the length of my timber was 4 x 30cm. Also, my local timber store (Bunnings if you’re here in Australia) will cut a long piece of timber for you. I found a piece that was 1.2m.. so 4 perfect cuts of 30cm

– Two screw eyes

Double sided tape (I used mounting tape)

– Twine

How to

First you’ll need to screw the screw eyes into the sides of one piece of timber. Let me warn you- it’ll feel like they are not going in! Keep persevering.. they just take a while to start sticking.


Next, lay your pieces of timber out and periodically place double sided tape along each piece.


Place your canvas or poster onto one side of each piece of timber and then press the corresponding piece of timber onto it to stick the canvas/image. A side note here- because I used double sided tape, when I want to replace the image it will be ruined as it’ll probably tear when I remove the tape. Next time I make one of these I’m going to hot glue gun magnets onto each side of the timber, thus allowing me to easily remove the canvas or image.



My heart..


“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

Elizabeth Stone

After coming across the Wrapped in Love DIY from Delia, I decided to create my own version using a crochet heart I worked on when I was pregnant!

I vaguely remembered how to crochet a heart (don’t look too hard at the heart proportions)- here is an easy instructional if you are a beginner.

Things needed for the project:

  • A white muslin or cotton baby wrap
  • Crochet Heart
  • Thread matching the colour of your crochet heart
  • Hemline pins
  • Needle

Step 1 and 2.jpg

Step 1- Gather everything you will need to make the wrap

Step 2- Because Ava was sleeping I guesstimated how big she was for the placement of the heart. I would recommendwrapping your baby in the wrap and marking it with a pen where the heart needs to go.


Step 3- Place the heart on the wrap

Step 4- Pin the heart in place


Step 5- Stitch the heart in place with the matching thread.

When washing I would recommend placing it in a dedicates bag and washing on a gentle cycle.

A super easy tutorial which can add a beautiful touch to any plain wrap you have!

Statement Wall Art

I’ve always loved large statement wall art and thankfully it’s quite cheap to create! Our local printing store (Officeworks) can print large prints for only $3-$6. The frames that I use are ones from our local Kmart, though you do have to cut the print down a few cm on either side.

Below are two prints from Caravan Shoppe that I have in our home. The one on the left is from their Thanksgiving Woodland Set and the one on the right is from their Whole lotta love set.

Below are some of my other favourites at the moment. Most of the below are free (minus one or two).


From left to right:

Everything is awesome / Triangles / My piece of foreign sky / Assateague island pony / You are capable / Remember why you started

Happy printing!!