His- Birthday Gift Ideas

Father’s Day in Australia isn’t till September, but I do know that Father’s Day in the U.S is this coming weekend.. Greg’s birthday was just last Saturday so I’ve done a mish mash of gift ideas for Father’s Day/His birthday!10.png

For Papa/Nanoo

Generally you are buying a completely different gift for your grandad/nanoo and papa (as known in our family). I heard an ad for Storyworth on a podcast I listen to and was absolutely intrigued, so for my first gift idea I have:


  1. Storyworth– Each week your grandad/dad will receive an email with a question from the guys at Storybrand. They answer one question every week for a year- at the end of that year Storybrand compile the answers (and even pictures you can send in) and send you the completed memoir! What an amazing idea!

Now, over to the father of your children!

Untitled2.png2. Hey! Dad Subscription Box– Unlike your normal selfish (ha) subscription boxes this box has activities (not crafts) that can be done with dad and his kids! From superhero adventures to around the house spy games!

3. Alexa Lane Custom Cufflinks– I have bought two pairs of these already and I love them! Not only are they great quality but to have something special to wear day-to-day in the office is a whole new level of sweet..


4. With my Daddy, by Jo Witek- in a world where it’s almost unacceptable to call a dad a dad (insert eye roll) when I found this book at a bookstore recently I knew I had to get it! From the same author as “In my heart, the book about feelings” Jo writes a beautiful book about a baby girl and her dad.


5. NikeID Custom Shoes–  If the father of your children enjoys long runs in the blazing hot sun or the freezing cold winters (oh wait is that only my husband?) this is a great gift idea! He can custom design his own pair of Nike shoes!

IMG_5544.JPG6. Custom Embroidered Tie Patch– For Greg’s birthday this year I DIY’ed a few of these for his ties with special messages from Ava using the tagged tutorial. If you’re not super fiddly or perhaps on a bit of a time crunch you can order custom iron-on patches from etsy (here).


7. Chatbooks– Do you have sweet photos of your little family or perhaps just your partner with the kids- Chatbooks are a great way to put all these together in a beautiful keepsake! You can load up to 360 something images if you like! I think it would be a neat little project to take photos of your kids spelling certain words out, or making the chatbook an actual story or message to their dad!

8.  Coffee Gift Card- This one is super practical but super easy and thoughtful! Find out their favourite coffee shop and get a gift card to cover their next week’s worth of coffee’s!

Hapy Socks.png9.  Happy Socks–  While walking through a boutique in Newtown a few weeks ago we found a store that stocked Happy Socks! While they are on the expensive side (for socks) they are definitely unique and fun and would make a great Father’s Day gift!

Last but not least, while this isn’t a physical thing I think it almost counts for more!

10. Time- I heard it discussed recently on a podcast (coffee & crumbs) that Dad’s are very much portrayed as the goofy/have no idea what’s going on/wouldn’t know what to buy from the grocery store kind of dad’s. They gave examples of different shows such as Phil from Modern Family and Homer from the Simpsons. I don’t know about your husbands and partners, but Greg (in addition to working outside of the home full time) does so much at home, especially with Ava.  A lot of mum’s request a few hours off from ‘mum duty’ or a weekend away to just have a breather for their birthdays or Mother’s Day weekends- I think dad’s deserve the same option if they are really active in the home!

I’m not endorsed by any of these companies, I just really really love their products!

Happy Father’s Day Dad’s!!

The Modern Dad- Birthday Ideas

Tomorrow is Greg’s birthday. This will be 9 birthdays together! We have climbed bridges, gone to fancy restaurants.. I have given him handmade gifts and bought gifts. We have stayed places for a weekend as well as celebrated with friends at home..

One thing I’m grateful for is, that finding a gift for him has never been hard. He usually provides us (the family) with a list of things he has been wanting. These normally are in the higher price range- things he won’t just buy day-to-day..

With tomorrow being his birthday, I have compiled a list of gift ideas which I’m sure the modern techie dad would love..


One- Personalised Men’s Leather Laptop Case (AU version) ($170)| Two- Luxury Travel Leather Case For Him (AU Version) ($620) | Three- Deep Duffle in navy ($205) | Four- Dad Jokes Mug ($22) | Five- Set of four cable clips | Six-  Custom Cufflinks ($70) | Seven- Fitbit Alta ($249) | Eight- Timberland Glasses ($249)

Father’s Day!

Ava was born just in time for Greg to experience his first Father’s Day! He has seamlessly transitioned into fatherhood (of an 11 day old..haha) and has been so supportive- he truly has astounded me. What kind of guy will wake up every 4 hours during the night just to sit and chat so you don’t have to be awake feeding by yourself!

I’ve been stockpiling a few printable’s for Father’s Day with the hope of using them next year- these past 2 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind with Ava! Below is a roundup of cheap and easy gifts/printable’s and outfits that I am loving!

Beach Resort Travel Photo Collage

One- Rad like dad bib (Cotton on) // Two- Best Dad Ever t-shirt (Cotton on) // Three- Daddy is the best onesie (Target) // Four- Dad Keyring (Pearlie Girl) // Five- Dear Dad Free Printable (Cool Mom Picks) // Six- Dad’s mug (afewhometruths)