It’s been a while..

Wow.. I didn’t realise I hadn’t posted in 2 months! Life has gotten busy to say the least.. and I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I don’t feel like I have anything very interesting to say.. they say comparison is the thief of joy.. well there are A LOT of amazing bloggers out there with amazing families and kids and DIY projects.. and here’s little ole’ me from the backside of Sydney just trying to juggle one child and a part-time job.. It’s been hard.

Ava tuned one while I was on a bit of an unexplained break- YAY! We had a great week of celebrations with her. She ate way too many sweets and had one to many servings of cake, but I’ve adapted the motto- if it won’t kill her let’s give it a try.. my how times have changed. I didn’t pull out my good camera once for her birthday so you’ll just have to head over to instagram to see a little snapshot of weekend parties!

She has gotten way more talkative! Her vocab is probably around 20 words now.. and her second top tooth has finally caught up to her first top tooth- YAY! Symmetry for the win!

With Ava turning one has come a whole new set of struggles. Last night was actually the worst she’s ever acted- my husband and I looked couldn’t help but look at each other in shock. She is strong-willed and defiant! We will tell her for e.g. not to drop her water bottle off her highchair- she’ll pick it up and throw it over the edge. We smack her hand (yep..we lightly smack her hand), pick the water bottle up and say “no, leave it on your highchair”. This will happen two or three times- by now the tears are starting to fall. She will stop pushing the bottle of the highchair for a minute or two, and then put her hand on it as if daring us to do something. She will then look at either my husband or I in the eye and as if in slow motion push her bottle of the highchair.. argh!! It drives me nuts!!

We love her to death, but we are definitely on the parenting journey. I constantly struggle with the thought of “am i harming or helping her.” Are our boundaries and discipline too soon, or are we actually helping shape her for her 2’s and 3’s?

I don’t think you are ever prepared to become a mum or dad.. it’s so much more than getting pregnant and birthing a child.. you actually have to now raise them..

It’s such an emotional, exciting, overwhelming, crazy role to live out.. One that we are extremely grateful for.. but boy.. is it challenging!

For any mumma’s out there- I’m sure you’re doing an amazing job.. It’s okay to countdown the minutes till bedtime.. It’s okay to hide in the bathroom and eat that chocolate bar.. it’s okay to reminisce about when it was just you and your partner or when you didn’t have to vacuum for the ONE THOUSANDTH TIME! It’s okay to dream of that rug in your living room that was once spotless but is now COVERED with little specs of food.. it’s okay to struggle to remember when you last showered or actually finished a meal or a hot cup of tea… oh sorry.. did I lose some of you there? Guys.. I am totally being real right now.. this journey is challenging.. but if you asked me to do it all over again I would say yes in a heart beat. I would literally give my life for my baby girl..and you know.. the past is never as great as you remember it.. and who else will feed the tiny ants that you sure are living in your rug anyways?

Feeding Essentials

Being a first time Mum means that I am literally at the mercy of friends, family and the media to educate me on how to raise my baby. If you’re not careful you can end up spending hundreds of dollars on products that you are just not going to use. Thankfully most of the advice I have gotten has been very helpful. If you walk into your local baby stores you will find aisle after aisle of feeding utensils, bowls, cups- some of the products will actually blow you mind with their inventiveness! Anyways, we started Ava on solids at 4 months old and have not looked back since. There are only 5 essential items that you will need when feeding, so don’t be overwhelmed! Let me also encourage you- if your child does not like a particular food at first, give it a break for a few days or weeks, and then try again. Ava hated bananas when she first tried them, however, 3 months on and she will eat an entire banana in less than 10 minutes!
Below are my top 5 essentials for feeding.
Feeding Essentials
From Left to Right
You can use any spoon, however I found plastic spoons were the way to go, only because they need to be little enough to fit in their mouths and they tend to start chewing on them once teething begins! The ones above are from Kmart.
Large Bibs- Forget those dribble bibs.. When we first started Ava on solids the food went everywhere! Invest in some larger bibs- trust me! On a side note, for those in Australia- Cotton On Kids have 30% off storewide and online! I love their large bibs.
Reusable Food Pouches. I only purchased these about 2 weeks ago and they have been a life saver! When we take her food out, I always worry about spillage in containers, or whether or not they’re going to defrost fully by the time lunch comes around. These Reusable Pouches are easy to use, easy to fill and easy to clean!
Freezer Pod Trays- I initially freeze the food in ice cub trays rather than directly into containers (only because my containers are normally full). Once frozen though, I place 3 cubes into each of my containers and put back int he freezer. On a side note- if you purchase the ones from the image (Kmart)- they are very small (suitable for 4 months).. once your baby starts eating more you’ll need to graduate to at least 2 of these, or pack them away all together until you can introduce solid snacks. The other freezer pods above are from Big W.
Freezer/Microwaveable Safe Containers– A friend of mine lent me containers she used- they are awesome. I tagged a similar one here. They are the perfect size for Ava at the moment and can be put in the microwave which is great for on the go!