Free development printables!

If you have children (under the age of 10ish) you need to check out Mr Printables! It is a site I have been visiting for a couple of years now, especially with my niece Mia. We have found some great crafts as well as learning to count/read printables! The great thing about Mr Printables is that there are A LOT of educational as well as just plain ole’ fun printables (not that learning to read can’t be fun)!

I’m not sure if flashcards work with babies- there have been many studies for both schools of thought on their effectiveness, but I found some printables that will work great with Ava once she is older! When is it too young to start with numbers and colours?

Below are some of my favourite flash cards that I will be printing off- I encourage you to have a look at the website and find a craft you can do with your kids!

They have a great range of printable posters as well, like the alphabet poster in the featured image that you can hang in your kids’ rooms!


one- animal flash cards // two- alphabet flash cards //three- number flah cards //four- printable number line //five- alphabet book //six- colour flash cards