Gifts for Him

I am a gift giver you guys.. I love the planning and scouring that goes into finding the perfect gift. I’ll watch something for months to see if it goes on sale, I’ll make mental notes of things people say over the year so I can surprise them with an amazing Christmas Gift.. I am one of the best gift givers I have ever met (no word of a lie..haha). Birthdays and Christmas are my favourite times of the year- so when I was thinking of what I could share this week I thought of Greg’s birthday. It’s not a milestone but I still bookmarked a few really different gifts that I thought could definitely be shared!

Here are some of the ideas I absolutely loved!

one1. Christmas Happy Socks Gift Pack, Happy Socks– $69.95 | 2. Beard Wash, Old Beard Chap– $44.95 | 3. Byron Bay Peanut Butter, Byron Bay Peanut Butter Company– $7.50 | 4. Steel Band for Apple Watch, Nomad– $119.95 | 5. Textured Linen Shirt, Zara– $69.95 | 6. Personalised Luggage, July– $295 | 7. Power Dock Pro, Magic Bolt– $72 | 8. Rugged AirPods Case, Nomad– $29.95

The Modern Dad- Birthday Ideas

Tomorrow is Greg’s birthday. This will be 9 birthdays together! We have climbed bridges, gone to fancy restaurants.. I have given him handmade gifts and bought gifts. We have stayed places for a weekend as well as celebrated with friends at home..

One thing I’m grateful for is, that finding a gift for him has never been hard. He usually provides us (the family) with a list of things he has been wanting. These normally are in the higher price range- things he won’t just buy day-to-day..

With tomorrow being his birthday, I have compiled a list of gift ideas which I’m sure the modern techie dad would love..


One- Personalised Men’s Leather Laptop Case (AU version) ($170)| Two- Luxury Travel Leather Case For Him (AU Version) ($620) | Three- Deep Duffle in navy ($205) | Four- Dad Jokes Mug ($22) | Five- Set of four cable clips | Six-  Custom Cufflinks ($70) | Seven- Fitbit Alta ($249) | Eight- Timberland Glasses ($249)