Outfit of the week- Ava


Bow: Cotton On (Similar linked here)

Overall Dress: Cotton On (similar linked here)

Ruffle Top: Cotton On (Similar linked here and here)

Tights: H&M

Shoes: Big W

Modest- Dresses/Skirts

Finding modest clothing today is no where near as hard as it was just 5-10 years ago. Mostly everything we bought had to be taken down, stretched out, worn with a singlet top etc You get the idea. On top of making everything modest the cost for any item of clothing with sleeves and the appropriate length was always so much more because the items were rare!

I wanted to do a quick roundup of some of my go-to stores for modest clothing here in Sydney. Some are online, others you can visit in store and see a huge range of modest skirts, tops and dresses!

one (1)

One- H&M  |  Two- Esther & Co  |  Three- Esther & Co  |  Four- Zara  |  Five-ASOS  | Six-  ASOS  |  Seven- Zara  |  Eight- Zara

Toddler Winter Essentials

We have had 5 winters (or part winters) with Ava so far (yes she is only two)- when you count the winters we’ve experienced in the States with her and our own ones here in Australia they add up! I’ve developed a few “hacks” when it comes to winter and toddlers which I hope are helpful:

1. Buy your Winter Kids clothes in the End of Financial Year Sales

Most (if not all) retailers will have an End of Financial Year Sale- for us in Australia it’s petty much the entire month of June. Resist buying winter clothing before June- trust me! This year I managed to get multiple tops, skirts, shoes and jumpers for Ava at Cotton On Kids where everything was $5- yes.. thick track pants, boots, long sleeve tops- it was all $5 a piece. Zara Kids also had an EOFY sale where I was able to get long sleeve dresses and pants for a fraction of the cost any other month. If you don’t have time to go through the racks then don’t fret these retailers also have their sale valid for online purchases.

2. Keep a Puffer Jacket/Overcoat in the car (and size up!)

During Winter I keep one of Ava’s winter coat/puffer jackets in my car at all times. We put it on when getting our of the car at an outing etc and then take it off before getting back in the car. Apart from washing it every 2ish weeks it stays in my car at all times! I recommending sizing up so it can fit on top of anything your toddler may be wearing (jumpers, thin shirts etc). This has been a life saver on many occasions!


L- Zara Kids Superhero Jacket  |  R- Zara Kids Reversible Jacket

3. Have some track pants that look acceptable for at home and outside

For some reason it is a battle changing Ava out of her pj’s during winter- I’m willing to bet that it’s the toastiness of her pj’s after she’s just woken up. A way around this that we sometimes use is having Pj track pants (that are clean) that can double as going out pants. They are thick enough for bedtime but also nice enough to go out with. We will (obviously) put them in the wash that night (just thought I should clarify especially considering my mum will probably read this…)


L- Cotton On Kids Lewis Trackies  |  R- Cotton On Kids Kikii Trackies

4. Neutral Boots

In winter, boots are my go to- they have more protection than a regular shoe and your kids can wear medium to thick socks with them without ruining the look of the outfit! Most retailers have colour neutral boots for toddlers. Even better if you can find slip on boots and no laces!


L- Zara Toddler Lace Up Boots  |  M- Zara Toddler Embellished Boots  |  R- Zara Toddler Metallic Mountain Boots

5. (For those with Girls)- Invest in a few packs of neutral and patterned tights. 

I find I get into the rut of always putting Ava in jeans or pants during winter because we are trying to resist the flu like our lives depended on it. If I invest in good neutral tights that are suitable for most outfits (whites, creams, blacks or dark blues) I can still put her in super cute dresses or skirts without worrying about the cold! A side note- I get stopped all the time by mum’s asking where I get Ava’s tights from because they can’t seem to find neutral ones- H&M are my go to! Every pair of tights she owns is literally from H&M.. and another hack.. if you go into store and they have different sizes- 6-12 months, 18-24 months and 2-3 years- buy them! They go like hotcakes and you can always gift them if your kids outgrow them before needing them!


H&M Kids Patterned Tights

If you have any other winter hacks I would love to hear them!

The Mum Uniform- In & Out of the Home

972b06fa4a8230389798aabe54152b40.jpgThere are days when sitting in my pajamas and drinking coffee is all I want to do, but at 6am my alarm goes off almost every morning and that is when my day starts. My alarm doesn’t have a snooze button, it doesn’t even have a specific ring tone, it doesn’t get
“switched off” or “snoozed” quite contrary actually- it demands immediate attention.

Before birthing an alarm clock I wasn’t much of a morning person. Getting ready for work could be accomplished in 20min or less and I was very rarely late. Since this alarm clock came into our lives we have literally added YEARS onto our lives! Not what you were expecting me to say right? I have a girlfriend that I meet up with quite regularly who generally sleeps in. If I was to txt her at 7am I would 99.9% of the time be waking her up, well considering we are up by 6am most mornings I literally have lived 2ish more hours a day than her (or my former self). It’s quite amazing when you think about it.

Do I love these early mornings? I have come to expect and cherish them- I can imagine that there will be a time when I am trying to haggle Ava out of bed rather than being woken up by her calls for me.

Once we are up and at it we have breakfast and then have fun at home (I very rarely take her out before her 10am nap as it’s only a few hours away). Our outdoor fun starts when she wakes around midday. This routine is normally followed on Mondays and Fridays when I watch her. I work outside the home Tuesday-Thursday and absolutely love it! I have been blessed with the opportunity to work part time at the moment and it has been amazing- amazing for me as a woman and a mother and amazing for Ava- being able to spend two extra days with her mum!

Most of my “play” weekend clothes don’t make it into my workplace but there are occasions where items crossover and when they do you can be guaranteed that they are going to be super super comfy! I have tagged some of my absolute favourite pieces at the moment- I would wear some of these grocery shopping and some to visit a customer for work. H&M are a huge favourite this time around as well as shoes from Wanted!


one- V-neck Jersey Top | two- A-symmetric Top | three- Jersey flounced sleeve | four- Crepe top | five- Striped Trumpet Sleeve | six- Pleated skirt | seven- Pencil skirt | eight- Flared skirt | nine- Textured skirt | ten- Step Hem Denim Skirt | eleven- Twill trainers |  twelve- Nude strap heels | thirteen- Orange dress | fourteen- Black strap heels | fifteen- Mid heels

Going Home!

I know it may be a bit naive of me to be picking out “going home” outfits. With the number of times babies wet themselves or have explosive number 2’s the chances of having a baby in a very cute outfit for longer than a few hours are probably very slim..

I have picked some beautiful going home outfits for that ideal world where our babies may manage to stay in their onesies for the drive home!

I was thinking that these would also make beautiful gifts for a soon to be mum!


I love daddy dearly // Hello World // Handsome little man // to me you are perfect // B/W Heart // Love Heart set