A day at Taronga Zoo

If you are in Sydney Taronga Zoo is a must!

A few mums and I went there on a really hot January day and it was amazing!

Photography by Carolina Morgan.


Dollhouse DIY

So dollhouses- while I am seriously impressed with the Barbie dollhouse out there today (I’m talking about built in lifts and water sprinklers) they are a horrible bright pink and plastic. I don’t know why but plastic dollhouses just aren’t my thing- they look cheap and cheery- I much prefer a wood dollhouse!

Dollhouses weren’t really on my radar for Ava considering her age and the fact that she had never really showed an interest in them- that was until we were in the States last year. My In-laws had a huge Barbie dollhouse with a farm, car etc you name it they had it! Ava was in love!

If you remember a few years ago- I bought a Big W Kids Garment Rack. It’s still available for purchase for $39.


Well with Ava getting a little bigger and re-arranging her room to try and give her more space it just wasn’t feasible to have the garment rack in her room. I didn’t want to get rid of it because apparently it’s a coveted Big W item (ha) and it’s super cute (the reason I bought it in the first place). I moved it to the playroom initially but again it was taking up too much room.  I thought of using it as a superhero/princess changing station with costumes etc but again the room and I couldn’t handle mismatched colourful outfits being out on display (that my friends is the real reason I’m sure.. my OCD wouldn’t allow it)

After a few days of musing over what to do the thought of changing it into a dollhouse came to mind! We wanted to get Ava a dollhouse anyways and with some woodwork from my dad I could probably get the bare bones of a dollhouse to paint and decorate!

I dropped the dollhouse into dad one day and within a few weeks I had the bare bones of a dollhouse! Big W eat your heart out!


After some paint, dollhouse furniture from Amazon/Kmart and inspiration from Pinterest we’ve partially finished creating a beautiful doll house! I’ll link everything below! I still have a little ways to go regarding decorating walls etc but we’re well on our way!


Ava loves playing with it and we’ve named her two dolls Ava and Sophia and the baby’s name is “baby.” The girls have baths and eat dinner, they cook and play in the babies room- it’s quite adorable to watch!

Doll House Furniture

Bathroom Furniture (Kmart)  |  Bedroom Furniture (Kmart)  |  Lounge Furniture (Kmart)  |  Kitchen Furniture (Kmart)  |  Main Dolls (Kmart)  |  Baby Doll (Kmart)  |  Dining Room Table & Chairs (Amazon)  |  Lounge Room Plant (Amazon)  |  Kid’s Room Furniture  (Mighty Ape/Amazon)  |  Pets (Mighty Ape/Amazon)  |  Small plant in Kitchen (Amazon)  |  Turkish Rug in Dining Room (Amazon)  |  Window Box Flowers (Amazon)

Grass off cut – was leftover from when we re-did our backyard with artificila turf.

Paint- these are from Spotlight (our local craft store).

Floors- the “floor boarded” floors are cut up paddle pop sticks, glued down with a hot glue gun.

Wallpaper- Scrap booking paper from our local craft store hot glue gunned to the walls.

I’m still working on ideas for the walls- i.e. framed pictures, macrame etc send me your ideas if you have any!

Kids Playroom- Yes or No!?

Now that we are rounding the corner on sickness in our home I’m slowly transitioning out of survival mode.. It’s one thing when mum is sick.. I generally keep going on with life and work.. but when you’re little one is sick you want to wrap them up in bubble wrap and rock them to bed.. while simultaneously wanting to throw them out the window.. well.. not really.. but you get the idea..

Miss Ava came down (for the first time) with the cold sore virus.. eek.. I know.. It runs in our family.. like W.H.O.L.E  Family.. so it was inevitable, but it was so terrible. Apparently (from what I read on Dr. Google) the first time they get the virus it’s really bad.. and trust me.. it was really bad. She didn’t want to eat.. her throat was sore.. she had canker sores in her mouth on top of cold sores.. we’re still coming out of the whole event but it’s a lot better compared to what it was!

Side note here.. Ava normally has a dummy (pacifier) when she goes to bed- so nap times and night time, however we sometimes end up using it to keep her quiet during church or lunch.. I recently found out Greg gives her the dummy in the car on the way to drop her to my mum.. Insert double frowning face here..

Anyways.. I had an ah hah moment last week that the dummy was probably not helping the cold sores get better as it was constantly rubbing up against them..so while in the car one drive I took Ava’s dummy and told her that her Na-Na (Dummy) was going Bye-bye.. and that she needs to wave Bye-Bye to her Na-Na.. well she waved bye-bye and then didn’t asking me for it again.. she probably has asked us for it twice in the last 4 days.. I don’t know if I’m dreaming or if my child is a genius.. whatever it is we are off the na-na!! What the?! Yeah.. call me the baby genius or something.. let’s see if we can get her to read by the time she’s one and a half! My advice is- if your child is old enough to understand the concept of something or someone going goodbye or bye-bye then they are ready to understand the concept of something being taken from them.

Anyways.. back on to recovery mode.. now that Miss Ava is feeling a lot better I am starting to notice that her normal toys are not cutting it for her. We used to carry toys around in the bottom of the pram but these are the same toys she played with when she was 6 months old.. I know.. we’re bad parents..

I created a little alphabet book for her (not that it’s working)- every animal in the book is a dodo (dog).. Lord help us.. soooooo..I’ve been toying with the idea of a playroom.. We have a three bedroom home so if we did create a playroom we would lose this spare bedroom.. OR.. we could move a pull out lounge that we have into the playroom for guests to use when they are over… I would love everyone’s thoughts and suggestions! I’ve highlighted some of my favourite playrooms that I’ve seen around the web! There are some really great ideas for functional yet fun rooms! Designing anything for Miss Ava sends me into a pinning frenzy…!!


Sources (From Left to Right by row)

One | Two |Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

A day at the park..

If you live in Sydney and you’re looking for an amazing outdoors area to get those steps in, I highly recommend Mt Anna Botanical Gardens! With free entry and heaps of trails, it’s the perfect area for little kids and adults like! With numerous lakes, wildlife and fauna your kids will love the botanical gardens!


Entertainment for days.. well multiple minutes..


Major Cities by Omy

Ava is at the age where a piece of toast will occupy her long enough for me to eat breakfast.. at dinner time, a cut up banana or piece of chicken will hold her attention for at least 5 minutes as she tries to self feed herself.. it is amazing.. While I love my child, I have forgotten what it is like to eat dinner and only worry about myself. My entire family, who watch Ava during the week all laugh when we swap stories from the week gone by and notice a reoccuring theme of eating breakfast at 10:30am after she has gone down for her nap.. or eating lunch at 2:15pm because if she sees you eating she’ll want some of your food (even if she has eaten her lunch, a snack and had a bottle).. I love that she loves food.. but have you ever tried eating a meal with a pair of eyes staring at you willing you to give them a piece of whatever you’re eating? It doesn’t matter if it’s broccoli or a donut.. she wants it.. and she wants it bad!

At this stage of Ava’s life her- bread or cut up pieces of chicken, is to mum’s of 2-4 years olds what these giant colouring sheets are! If you remember, back last week, I spoke about a friend of mine who had a massive chalkboard wall- I can imagine the lengths of entertainment her kids find drawing and creating on this wall.. well.. if you don’t have a spare wall at the moment, or you’re renting and don’t think your landlord would approve of an entire chalkboard wall- we have a solution!


Thanksgiving by Caraven Shoppe1African Animals by Caravan Shoppe

You can get these large colouring sheets printed at your local print store- for us here in Australia that would be Officeworks. If you are printing black and white they are only $2-$4 a sheet which is fantastic!

I custom designed an A0 sized colouring sheet for Ava! If you would like a custom file download colouring sheet for your children, send me an email!

A- Ava.jpg

Or there is another very cheap alternative that looks great- mounting a roll of kraft paper onto the wall!


Wall Mounted Paper Roll by George & WillyThis stylish residence is nestled on a large level block in a desirably tranquil cul-de-sac location.The house comes complete with two living rooms, a welcoming kitchen%2Fdining area, two bathrooms, three bedrooms,  (1).jpg

Studio Roll by George & Willy |Ekby Jarpen Shelf by Ikea | 900mm Kraft Paper Roll from Officeworks | Artline Markers from Officeworks | DIY by Yellow Brick Home

Free Activities in Sydney- January 2017

Hello there friends! I cannot believe we’re already into 2017!! I’m so excited at what 2017 is going to bring in! If you live in Australia and have kids you may be going crazy.. the Summer school holidays are so so long!

Below are my top picks for events going on in January for kids. On a side note- I would recommend clicking on the clicks to make sure you don’t need to register in advance for the event!

Around Sydney- January 2017.jpg

January 2017

 01 02  03 04 05 06 07
Children’s Play Bus– Redfern
Little Darlings Night Owls Kids’ Film Festival Begins- Darling Harbour
Zootopia on the Boulevard Movie Screening- Sydney Olympic Park
Balance Bike Clinics Begin– Alexandria
08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Captain America: Civil War Movie Screening– Sydney Olympic Park
The Good Guys Super Hero Academy begins- Sydney Olympic Park
Children’s Play Bus– Redfern
The Rocks Discovery Program Begins– The Rocks
Heroes and Villains Craft Challenge– Dulwich Hill
Hollywood Movie Magic– Marrickville
Design a superhero badge– St Peters
Storks Movie Screening– Sydney Olympic Park
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Free Totem Skate School– Carnes Hill
Children’s Play Bus– Redfern
Free Totem Skate School– Carnes Hill
Free Totem Skate School– Carnes Hill
The Lion King Movie Screening– Sydney Olympic Park
The Good Guys Super Hero Academy ends- Sydney Olympic Park
The Jungle Book Movie Screening– Sydney Olympic Park
The secret life of pets movie screening– Sydney Olympic Park
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Children’s Play Bus– Redfern
Little Darlings Night Owls Kids’ Film Festival Ends- Darling Harbour
Balance Bike Clinics ends- Alexandria
Australia Day Celebration– Liverpool
Children’s Festival– Sydney
 The Rocks Discovery Program ends- The Rocks
29 30 31
Birds of the Armory Walk– Sydney Olympic Park
Children’s Play Bus– Redfern

Special Mentions

Free Activities in Sydney- November, 2016


Hello there friends! Below are my top picks for events in November. I love this time of year, as Christmas slowly begins to creep into our stores and streets! On a side note- I would recommend clicking on the clicks to make sure you don’t need to register in advance for the event!

November 2016

 01 02 03 04 05
Pram walking group– Wattle Grove
Carnes Hill Night Live– Carnes Hill
Herb planting workshop-The Baker & Builder Cafe, Parramatta
Free Bike Clinic– Alexandria
06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Mobile Play Bus– Redfern
Carnes Hill Night Live– Carnes Hill
Animal Farm-The Baker & Builder Cafe, Parramatta
North Sydney Community Centre Open Day– North Sydney
St Jude’s Spring Fair– Randwick
Victoria Park Pool Open Day– Camperdown
A very furry Christmas– Alexandria
Christmas Countdown hosted by Cadbury– The Rocks
Prince Alfred Park Pool Open Day– Surry Hills
Free Bike Clinic– Alexandria
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
JDRF Fun 5km Walk and Kids Activities– Cathy Freeman Park
Mobile Play Bus– Redfern
Carnes Hill Night Live– Carnes Hill
Yo Yo Competition-The Baker & Builder Cafe, Parramatta
Free Bike Clinic– Alexandria
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Mobile Play Bus– Redfern
Carnes Hill Night Live– Carnes Hill
Free Bike Clinic– Alexandria
Toy Exchange– The Baker & Builder Cafe, Parramatta
Free dance workshops for preschoolers– Camperdown
Christmas on the Green Concert– Hyde Park
27 28 29 30
Christmas in Pyrmont– Pyrmont
Mobile Play Bus– Redfern
Storytime in Braille– Sydney
Storytime in Braille– Sydney

Special Mentions