Kids Decor Pillows


For a number of years I have pinned and saved pictures of pillow DIY’s- from mountains to houses, numbers, letters- you name it. There’s something about an over sized piece of fruit or number that yells “I am fun!! Your baby will love me!” There are so many companies out there that make absolutely adorable decorative pillows for kids- I’ve linked some of my favourite below. I’ve also found a few tutorials that will help you make your own! This DIY is definitely being added to my “to do” list for Ava’s room and playroom!

Best of- Decorative Pillows.png

From Left to Right

Adairs Grey Rocket Ship  |  Bedroom  |  Adairs StegosaurusAdairs Lama  |  Little Village House  |  Adairs Pink Hedgehog   |  Zara Home Strong Man  |  Big and Little Pear


Cloud Pillow  |  Mountain Pillow  |  House Pillow Kit  |  Alphabet Pillow 

Customized Kids Books

You know those ads that you see when you’re scrolling through your facebook or instagram- they’re normally advertising a random fashion brand we’ve all never heard of or some gadget that has a thousand reviews of how it doesn’t work? Well a few months ago I saw an ad pop up for Papier. I hadn’t heard of them before, but their ad really caught my eye- it was for a customized kids book! Ava loves books and loves reading so I was intrigued! After visiting their website I knew I had to get this book! It came beautifully packaged and Ava loves all the colours and pictures! This is not a sponsored ad I just really love this book!

IMG_3514.jpgHow it works is:

  1. You visit this site –
  2. You pick from the little girls or boys( for a little character) that looks like the child you are buying the book for.. you guys.. We almost had a matching photo of Ava and her little character.. IMG_0594.JPG
  3. Place the order and then wait a week for your beautiful book!We love our purchase!

This would make for a beautiful first or second birthday gift!


Inflatable Fun!


If you’re like me, you’ve probably wandered through a many Kmart and Target searching for the next project, or the next birthday gift. I’ve browsed most of the shelves looking for home wares and kids toys- sometimes during my lunch break at work, other times, late at night once Ava has gone to bed.

Last year, while browsing the Kmart shelves in search of a birthday gift, I found a blow up slide and ball pit.. I was shocked! How did Kmart have something so amazing as a slide and ball pit!! Ava (who was 3 months at the time) wasn’t nearly old enough to be able to use the toy, but I made a mental note to check back in about a year when she was walking.. well…since that day Kmart, Target, Best & Less they have all upped their Inflatables game. You’re about to be blown away trust me!!

From prices ranging from AUD7 up to a whopping AUD529 you can purchase pool inflatables for summer, or simple slides and ball pits! If you have a bit of extra room in your backyard or play room I highly recommend looking into investing in some inflatable fun!!


from top left to right


Inflatable Battle sticksInflatable Flamingo100 pack play balls  

Inflatable Happy Hop, Jump, Splash, Wave Fun Zone  | Inflatable Bouncy Castle

Inflatable Slide & Ball Pit | Inflatable Donut