A fed baby is a happy baby..

IMG_1814.JPGI’ve been debating whether to post this or not for the fear of being seen so controversial but to be honest I felt that everything that’s to follow needed to be said.. for all women out there who will one day face the exact same situation I’ve experienced.

Breast feeding vs bottle feeding..

I read an Instagram post while I was pregnant which said something to the extent of ‘we support you women who can produce milk but choose to formula feed’. Choosing to bottlefeed formula as opposed to breastfeeding isn’t an easy decision, for some they don’t make enough milk, for others it’s a matter of mental health or perhaps for medical reasons you actually cannot breastfeed- whatever the reason you do not need to justify yourself.

Yes, midwives and hospital posters- we know, breastfed is best. Yes, random stranger who sees you pour formula into a sterilised bottled- we know it would be so much “easier” to just use what God has designed our bodies to produce but we’re not going for what is “best” by the standards of research or what is “easier” by the standards of convenience- we’re going for what works for me and my family.

So if you choose to formula feed and not even try breast feeding I cheer for you. I had a moment a few weeks ago where Raegan was struggling to poo (I know TMI..)- we were going on a few days. She would cry and only pass wind so I knew it was hurting her- I thought it may be the formula.. with tears in my eyes I felt to see if I had any milk (I had worked on suppressing my milk straight after she was born)- I barely had anything.. I felt so guilty for a split second and then snapped myself out of it and started working through exercises to help her poo. I was feeling guilty because of what other people had shamed me into thinking and feeling which was not okay.

So here we are 4 weeks later, she is actually a month old tomorrow and we are growing and thriving! We’re working out new routines for the girls and I and we are loving life (most days)! If you are where I was a few weeks ago, mumma, you have chosen to do what is best- don’t let anyone make you question your decision or shame you into thinking you’re not a great mum!

This too shall pass..

To all those mums out there who haven’t slept a solid 7 hours since their baby was born..

To all those mums out there comparing their child’s development accomplishments with other babies and questioning whether they are doing something wrong..

To those mums who look through their instagram feed and self doubt that they are raising accomplished functioning children..

To those mums who just can’t seem to shift those last few kilos after carrying your child for 9 months…

…and who still have those stretch marks everyone said would fade..

To those mums who feel lonely and abandoned..

To those mums who feel ostracized by their work places or bosses..

To those mums struggling with the weight of having a little one (or two or three) depend so heavily on them…

To those mums regretting the decision they made to have children because they feel like they have lost who they are…

To those mums who are struggling financially with having a child (or two or three)

To those mums who feel isolated from their partners or spouses..

To those mums who need a break from the word “mum” and who would like to go to the bathroom in peace…

To those mums trying to have another baby and it’s just not working..

To those mums who are going through IVF with baited breath..

To those mums who are finding it hard to put time aside with the Lord because there are just so many dishes to be washed..

you are lovely