Woven- Two little peas in a pod

For those who have just started following Growing A Bebé, Woven is a new series of stories from the women around me- their stories of labour, love and growing their little families.. I hope you see the imperfect perfect of this experience we call motherhood in the tapestry of stories woven by each woman..

My next guest in our series, Woven, is from a dear friend of mine. We have been friends since we both can remember; we’ve celebrated birthdays, weddings and kids together! We both married Greg’s in the same year as well (a little fun fact)!

Today, I am excited to introduce Rachel Willmott!


Okay, question number one- how big is the family you come from?  Not very big at all! Mum has 1 brother & dad is an only child. I am blessed to have 2 grandparents still here with us. I am the eldest of 3 siblings.

Can you tell me a bit about your family? Dad comes from Scicily / born in Australia, and has remarried an Australian. Mum comes from Chile / came over when she was 4yrs old.
I’m the eldest at 30, younger sister at 26, brother at 19 and a half brother who is 5 weeks old.

How many children do you have? I have twins girls who are 2.5yrs old and another bub due in August 2017.

Where did you have your children? The twins were born at Liverpool Public Hospital, NSW.

How did you find out that you were having twins? Take us through that first ultrasound! From the very beginning, our girls have made our parenthood journey an adventure full of surreal & comical surprises. The routine 6 week scan was no exception. Having a heart full of mixed emotions coupled with a bladder full of water, I lied on the bed waiting trying not to shed tears, burst out in laughter or pee myself. It felt as though as soon as the sonographer placed the doppler on me he made a very strange and surprised sound. His english wasn’t very good so Greg asked why he made a strange noise? We remember his words as though it were yesterday, “Looks like double-trouble”, closely followed by “Go halve your bladder – too full”. As I sat in the bathroom, my mind was racing through questions like “his english must be really basic”, “did I hear him correctly?”, “how large will I grow?” and finally “why do they ask you to drink so much water in the first place?”.

When I came back, it was confirmed that we were indeed staring at two little peas in my pod. Greg and I looked at each other in absolute shock and somehow had a magical conversation through eye contact. We had joked about having twins, then to see those twin hearts beating was a surreal moment for us. Obviously once we got over the initial shock, the logistics of having twins began to set in. The journey since has been challenging, often fatiguing but above all extremely rewarding!


Audrey & Evenlyn (The two peas in a pod)

Did you have a Natural of C-section birth? How long was labour? I had natural births for both girls. If calculating from the actual pushing phase: Labour was from 11:00am – 3:20pm = 4.5 hours. My water broke 8am Wednesday & so I spent the night in hospital where I dilated 7cm without knowing it. I was given an epidural Thursday morning & started pushing before midday. Girls were born by 3:20pm Thursday.

How was your pregnancy? I had a great pregnancy, aside from some back/body aches due to being rather large and having to sleep sitting up for almost 2 months. I had regular ultrasounds and appointments so I was always well informed with my personal & twins’ development.

Did you take maternity Leave? If so, for how long? Yes, my Mat Leave was exactly 12 months.

What was the hardest thing you struggled with being a new mum? Sleep deprivation (I seriously love sleep) and my own personal body recovery & healing. I had to be readmitted to hospital 2-3 weeks after delivery due to Mastitis & an infection from the episiotomy. Not pleasant. At. All. All the while trying to juggle two crying babies, two nappies, two bottles, two of EVERYthing.

Did you work outside of the home when you had children? No. Well I wasn’t ‘paid’, but I sure did lots of work 🙂

What do you currently do for work? I am currently working 2 days/week as a Payroll Clerk for a Transport Company. But I’ll be going on Mat Leave again very soon!

What do you find the hardest thing is now, at this stage of life with your children at the age they are? The hardest thing for me at this stage is trying to find the time, energy and motivation to stimulate their inquisitive brains everyday. (and filling out the day-care paperwork so THEY can worry about paint & dirt & inquisitive brains) haha
Having said that, the girls are actually quite easy to ‘talk’ to at this stage than ever before, which I’m finding a lovely surprise.
Don’t get me wrong, they still have their tantrum-like commands and requests, but I find it’s easier to talk and reason with them at this stage.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new mum what would you tell them? Stress less. This coming from someone who doesn’t stress very much! Honestly, I can look back and say that I worried about insignificant things that I read TO DO & NOT to do. But every mother & child is different. It’s so easy for a new mother to fall for the ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ expectation to have everything perfectly under control all the time. So stress less 🙂


A heart for the home!

A few weeks ago I came across the below picture on instagram by Awaken Gathering- I took a screenshot with the intent of re-posting it when I felt to- that hasn’t happened yet (can you blame me).


This simple image profusely spoke to me. I can imagine there are quite a few mum’s out there who feel like they’re drowning in things that need to be done, errands that need to be run, commitments that were agreed to that we should have said no to, school pick ups and drop offs, dinners to plan, personal goals to achieve- I’m sure the list can go on and on.. You may find yourself wondering where time has gone. You blink and you’ve reached another weekend, another birthday, another anniversary.

I am surrounded by some of the most incredible women you will ever meet- trust me! I have seen many of them pursue their own goals and dreams while profusely loving their husbands and nurturing their children. They work full time and part time jobs outside of the home and yet manage life so effortlessly (it would seem). I know a lot of prayer and planning goes into their day-to-day lives!

So, if you are reading this and you feel like you are an overwhelmed mum- let me give you some encouragement- YOU ARE AMAZING! The fact that you birthed (or adopted or fostered) that child makes you amazing! The pain you may have experienced (in childbirth or through the heart wrenching process of adoption or fostering) will one day (if not already) be overshadowed with indescribable love. The lack of sleep you may be experiencing (yet here you are functioning like nobody’s business) will one day help you stay awake to watch that marathon at the Olympics in 4 years at midnight- YOU ARE AMAZING!

I promise you that there will be another pile of washing after you get this pile done (trust me- I have a newborn that has pooped through 4 outfits already). I promise you that your kids will not care that you served 2 minute noodles for dinner a few times this week. I promise you that your husband won’t mind going to get take-out because you just couldn’t manage to grocery shop today. These things are all fleeting and will come and go like the wind.

Being mum to your child/children is what really counts and you are doing amazing!!

Coincidentally today is also R U Ok? day here in Australia. If you’re not from Australia you can read here on how the day came about. Rocked by the suicide of his father, Gavin Larkin began the campaign to have Aussie’s around the country (and the world), on the 8th of September, ask friends and family if they are okay!

Dad’s/Husbands if you are reading this- I challenge you to ask your wives and partners today if they are doing okay- be their cheerleader today! Mum’s, text a friend today and find out if they’re coping with life at the moment! Remind her that you are in her corner- grab those pom poms and start cheering!!