It’s okay to celebrate!

You guys.. I don’t know why I didn’t post this.. so much self judgement as to what’s oversharing or what you guys even want to read…anyways.. This is back dated from early Jan..

I know, the title is a little weird…

To say the last two weeks has been difficult would be the understatement of this new century. I’m not just talking sickness- though there was a lot of that, including trips to our emergency department, so much kids medicine and adult medicine (including two rounds of antibiotics plus a refill), but other things which I’ll spare you the grossness of.. let’s just say if I had to encapsulate it all it would be Tuesday afternoon … I finally felt like I had enough strength to get out of bed and take a shower. I decided to wash my hair because I knew my grandma was here to help so I thought I should have be okay.. oh was I wrong.. after about 5 minutes (shampoo still throughout my hair) my 80 year old grandma came bursting through the bathroom door (well I don’t know if bursting is the right word for an 80 year old trying to carry an 8 month old Turtle style but anyways you get the idea).. anyways she came around the corner and a few thoughts quickly ran through my mind:

  1. My grandma is seeing me in the shower (LORD HELP ME)
  2. How did she get up the stairs with my 8 month old (she has a problem lifting her because of her fragility and my 8 month old’s size)
  3. Why was she carrying her like a turtle?

and then it all made sense…

I saw poo.. so much poo.. so so much poo.. on my grandma’s shirt, up Raegan’s back, her top, her singlet, her arms..

I proceeded to take her from my grandma and bring her into the shower where poo gloriously caked me also, up the arms, on the floor.. everywhere.. in thick mask like fashion.. that my friends encapsulates the last 2 weeks.. but nevertheless I am so so grateful.

Being in the emergency room reminded of how blessed we truly are that we don’t have children that are chronically ill. My heart breaks for mums and dads and grandparents that have to see their little ones attached to machines on a regular basis, or have their talkative little children wear breathing tubes or feeding tubes. The first trip to the ER with Ava was okay- I held myself composed- I was informative and very much checked in to finding out what was wrong with her.. the second trip on New Years Eve (yep, I heard the fire works from the waiting room of Emergency) I was much more emotional and just overwhelmed by it all. Our little girl had been unwell for over a week by then- she was barely talking or eating, putting herself to sleep numerous times a day- even now it completely makes me break down thinking about it. We’re not out of the throws of sickness yet but we’re heading in the right direction.. I can’t thank the Lord enough for my mum. She has been an incredible help to my family during this time- rushing to emergency at any hour of the day, feeding us, helping me clean the house.. just above and beyond..

Anyways, I said all that to say, today during my Bible reading I was listening to Genesis where the Lord created the world (yep, I’m a little behind in my reading.. LOL.. I’m doing two a day to catch up..) anyways, we call know the Bible Story- the Lord created and then He rested.. and when He finished creating the world on Day Six He said that “it was very good.” I don’t know why it stuck out to me today but I felt like the Lord was giving me license to do things and celebrate when I did them “well.” In a world where it’s so easy to cut corners or to take the cheats-way-out there is merit and value in “doing well” and taking pride in what you have accomplished. Or vice versa- oftentimes when you celebrate your wins people call you full of pride or self-seeking.

I challenge you this year to put the work in- whether it be financially or physically, spiritually or mentally- whatever area- even the Lord was proud of what He made and we are made in His image which means we mirror or are a reflection of Him and His attributes.

Go ahead and plan to reach that goal and then celebrate when you get there or when you take steps to reach it- you have permission to say that it’s “very good!”

How to- New Years Resolutions

9f1e539b79ef387e6ff6a9176edcc4e0You probably looked at the title and wrote this post off. We have all seen an excessive amount of New Years Resolution posts. Generally the top of everyone’s list is:

  • Lose Weight
  • Make more money
  • Buy a bigger house
  • Buy a nicer car
  • Take a holiday
  • Change jobs

Or at least something of that nature. Perhaps a few may even have the resolutions that fall into a second tier “more difficult” category:

  • Learn an instrument
  • Learn a language
  • Start a business

At 12:00am on the 1st of January, 2018 a new year has begun and it is glorious. I’ve seen a few posts going around about the days between Christmas and New Years Day- many people feel lost or not quite sure what day or time it is, but for me I find it’s quite the opposite (in some cases). I definitely can’t keep track of the days properly but I try to find small resolutions that can assist my “big” resolutions and action them in this week. Am I the only one that does this?

Example: One of my resolutions is to lose all of the weight I put on when I was pregnant with Ava. A small resolution I can do the week before New Years Day is to start cutting out carbs, say white bread specifically. Or, cutting out soft drink. These next 6 days can be the kick-start to really achieve that big resolution come January 1-December 31.

Another example: I’m wanting to run the Canberra Half Marathon in April- I am not an avid runner by any means- thinking about running for a straight 2 hours is so overwhelming, but a small action I have taken in these 6 days (well actually a few days before but still) was to start a half marathon training program with the Nike app and actually get out there for 3 runs!

We can put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we hold our breath until January 1st, it’s as if we are climbing this mountain of the months leading up to it, with the summit insight- January 1st! If I can just make it to a new year I can be a better me. If I can just make it to January 1st I will start trying to achieve my goals. I challenge you to look at the next 2 days as a breeding ground to start those resolutions before January.

Make choices today that are going to affect your tomorrow!