Baby Girl Items

IMG_2544.jpgInstagram has definitely connected the world in a lot of wonderful ways such as me being able to find boutique small businesses that I would never have come across had I not used hashtags or spent a few time looking around on insta! Below are some of my favourite baby items for our new little one that I am loving!May 9 _ The Red Room +1-202-555-0143 Linen Bow (3 little crowns) | two- Jumpsuit (Zara) | three- Cashmere Set (Zara) | four- Amie Dress (Jamie Kay) | five- Beret (Janie & Jack) | six- Muslin Swaddle (3 little crowns) | seven- Tiny Girl Gang T-shirt (Jean and June) Picture source here  | eight- Newborn Moccasins (Freshly Picked)

Baby Adelaide

Recently I became Aunty to a beautiful little girl over in Perth! My best friend of 25 years had her first little bundle of joy. When we were over there a few weeks ago I was able to spend a few hours taking photos of this beautiful baby girl.. all the heart eyes you guys..It took a lot of hard work to not post all 200 photos!!


Ava- 9 months old

I decided to dust off the old camera to take some shots of Ava! We can’t believe she is 9 months old!

Motherhood has and continues to be an amazing experience..




Time flies…


The Mum Uniform

Since having Ava I have to plan when I shower/wash my hair/what time of morning I get changed- mostly everything has a routine! Ava’s at the stage where she lunges for things so simply putting her on the bed now is no longer an option (unless we put her all the way in the middle and check on her every minute or so). I think I have worn my hair in the same style since Ava was born- it’s super hard to get creative when your priority is not yourself anymore..

Anyways.. I haven’t done a round up of outfits lately so I wanted to cover what I think a ‘mum uniform’ is for me. In movies mums are always portrayed in their gym pants or tracksuit pants with an oversized hoodie dropping their kids off to school.. if you are one of these people- no judgement here.. I just cannot mentally cope with the day if I don’t put on something semi-presentable (to me).

These are a few of my go-to outfits or forms of them- they are all super affordable and mum-appropriate!


From left to right (clockwise)

Green Shirt Dress | Scarf | Shoes

Denim Top | Skirt | Shoes

Khaki Dress | Cardigan | Heels

Parka (similar) | Skirt | T-shirt | Boots

My Baby..

My beautiful baby girl! You brighten all my tomorrows, and have enlarged my heart more than I could have ever imagined. We watch sunrises together and enjoy quiet times in the middle of the night. While the broken sleep has taken some getting used to, we are grateful that you are growing and needing food to help grow that little body of yours! You frown and smile and are starting to find your little voice- we can’t wait to hear you laugh. Thank you Lord for making me a Mum- something I will never take for granted. While everything else in life has slowed down, you, my baby girl have come like a whirlwind and changed our lives! ❤️

I’m thankful..


This, my friends, is a picture from my night on Thursday…I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of thankfulness as I sat on the couch with Ava asleep on my lap.

Motherhood has been one learning experience after another- learning Ava’s feeding cues and distinguishing her cries, laughing over the new sounds she makes and feeling in awe of how much she is growing every day! While she can’t talk yet and is still very much in a cycle of sleeping and eating all day every day it has been life changing watching her grow and knowing that she is our little bundle of joy! I love our little girl so much already..

I initially started listing all the things I was thankful for but the list was becoming too extensive- we would be here all weekend! Just the simple act of holding Ava as she fell asleep led me to be thankful for so many things:

..formula (so she didn’t go hungry),

..a roof over our heads (protecting us from the wind and rain),

..two arms (so I could hold her),

..blankets and clothing (to keep us warm as we sat downstairs)

..both our health’s

It’s easy to always be wanting things- bigger homes, newer cars, more furniture, new electronics, a better job – sometimes you need to just take a breath and think on all the things you have already been blessed with!


A flare for the dramatic..

A few months ago I wrote a post about Ava’s nursery- we decided to go with pastel’s and whites.




dsc_00541If you have seen our house you will notice that I definitely like whites and neutral colours. Our lounge-room and dining area are very Scandinavian- grey couches, timber and white dining set, white walls etc. Everyone has warned me that keeping our walls white is going to be a challenge when Ava gets bigger!!

While I love neutrals, I’ve recently come across a few nursery’s that are dramatic to say the least! I have to admit they are incredible even though they are totally opposite my normal style!

Below are some of my favourite’s I’ve found- maybe for our next baby I will be become a bit more adventurous with the nursery!!


One- Unknown Source // Two- Annabella Charles // Three- SMP Living // Four- Barefoot Blonde // Five- A Cup of Jo // Six- Inspired by this // Seven- Bash Please // Eight- Baby Center (original source not working) // Nine- Domino // Ten- Wasting time wisely


In my Diaper bag..

I had a reader ask me about what I carry in my diaper bag when Ava and I go out- I’m very much a no fuss kind of person in that I carry around what is needed- nothing more. I don’t think there is anything worse than rummaging through a bag of baby items trying to find a teeny tiny pacifier while your baby is screaming her head off so everything I have is practical.

*I used to carry around one extra outfit until she pooed through one day and I didn’t have a spare in case she did it again. My mum recommended always carrying around two changes of clothes which has served us well so far!

The weather will obviously dictate which onesies and items are needed- here in Sydney we’ve just headed into Spring, so the weather is somewhat cool hence the long sleeve onesies and beanie.

Also, depending on what time we go out I will bring a bottle (of breast milk). All the below items fit nicely into my diaper bag. I’ve tagged a similar diaper bag from Oroton as I can only find the one I have on ebay.  Hopefully this is helpful!!


one- swaddle // two- 5-6 nappies // three- nappy bags // four- baby wipes // five- hand sanitizer // six- pacifier // seven- two singlets // eight and nine- two onesies // ten- baby sleeping bag // eleven- beanie // twelve- diaper bag (I have this one) // thirteen- two bibs

Baby Ava, 3 weeks on..

Ava is now 3 weeks old- ahhh! I can’t believe time has gone so fast! Overall she has been an amazing baby- we truly feel so blessed!

We’ve had a few hiccups with her bringing up a feed every few days. We thought we narrowed it down to a particular teat on a bottle (so we’ve stopped using that bottle), but she threw up again this morning. We can’t seem to find the trigger so we’ll need to keep going through the process of elimination. 
Since coming home from the hospital she has slept in 4-5 hour blocks with a few 6 hour blocks in there too- yay! Greg and I have adjusted to the broken sleep quite well if you ask me. We have a process down where he makes the bottles for the night feeds and I change her nappy- I’m so blessed with such a helpful husband, honestly- I have been functioning these past few weeks because of his great help!

Ava eats like a champion- taking both the bottle, formula and breast milk- we have been so blessed!

She loves the car and the pram- and can sleep through any noise (i.e church, vacuuming etc)

I wanted to say a special thank you to my mum. She has gone above and beyond- she visits every week and cooks us dinner- and on the weekends, when we have stayed at her house she wakes up for the midnight feed so we can sleep. I have seen her dote on Ava so much- it’s so beautiful to watch..I can already tell Oma is going to be Ava’s favourite! 

Today, during her midday nap I decided to take a few photos of our little beauty.. she also slept through that.. haha.. Happy 3 weeks my baby!

I love you so much!!