Birthday Party Thank You Tags

For Ava’s thank-you’s Greg and I made up fairy floss ice cream cones. My inspiration came from Pinterest..


We placed them in plastic sleeves, tied them off with pink ribbon and added a little thank you tag.

I placed lollies (candy) on the tables so I didn’t want to give our typical lolly bags as a thank you.

Here are the tags I made up for Ava’s birthday for you to download!

Thank you Tags

Thank you Printable Tags

On the side I made up some thank you notes. How sweet would it be to print off a few of these and drop them into your girlfriends handbag!

Sometimes mummas need a little encouragement!

thank you Cards.jpg

Thank You Cards Printable

Party Hat Embellishment

At Ava’s party last month I didn’t want to give out plain party hats when there are so many amazing party hats ideas on Pinterest, so I decided to use some party hats I had and make pom poms to thread through the top!

They turned out fantastic!


What you need

Party hats (you can purchase 6 for $1 at Kmart)

Yarn (you can purchase yarn from Kmart as well if you don’t have any at home)


Sticky Tape

How To

Cut the top of the party hat to make a larger hole.


Make your pom poms leaving excess string dangling from them.


Thread the pom poms through the top of the party hat and tape inside.


First Birthday Inspiration

I have been pinning on a board called Ava’s first birthday since she turned about 2 months old- I couldn’t help it. I doubt we’re going to throw her a party, but for the sake of hypothetically having fun I’ve gathered together some of my favourite ideas!

This impressive, contemporary apartment features high lofted ceilings, an elevated bedroom and a sunny outlook into the treetops. The open plan kitchen and dining area is tiled and the l

From Top Right to Left

Floral One | Rice Krispy Ones | Watercolour Cookies

One Pinata | Pallet Backdrop | Heart Sandwiches

Balloons | Naked Funfetti Cake | Balloon Cake

Featured Image from Bride and Stork