Ava’s Birthday Week

Apologies for the quality of these photos.. but it’s the thought that counts right?!


Ava enjoying her first cupcake (that I know of)IMG_0533IMG_0532IMG_0531IMG_0530


Party Hat Embellishment

At Ava’s party last month I didn’t want to give out plain party hats when there are so many amazing party hats ideas on Pinterest, so I decided to use some party hats I had and make pom poms to thread through the top!

They turned out fantastic!


What you need

Party hats (you can purchase 6 for $1 at Kmart)

Yarn (you can purchase yarn from Kmart as well if you don’t have any at home)


Sticky Tape

How To

Cut the top of the party hat to make a larger hole.


Make your pom poms leaving excess string dangling from them.


Thread the pom poms through the top of the party hat and tape inside.


First Birthday Inspiration

I have been pinning on a board called Ava’s first birthday since she turned about 2 months old- I couldn’t help it. I doubt we’re going to throw her a party, but for the sake of hypothetically having fun I’ve gathered together some of my favourite ideas!

This impressive, contemporary apartment features high lofted ceilings, an elevated bedroom and a sunny outlook into the treetops. The open plan kitchen and dining area is tiled and the l

From Top Right to Left

Floral One | Rice Krispy Ones | Watercolour Cookies

One Pinata | Pallet Backdrop | Heart Sandwiches

Balloons | Naked Funfetti Cake | Balloon Cake

Featured Image from Bride and Stork

Play Food

I have always enjoyed making cupcakes or cookies for children. There are so many exciting designs you can make which kids absolutely adore! Below are some of my favourite that I have pinned or made over time. I’ve also given a very easy breakdown of the main ingredients needed! (I am all for shortcuts so I’m sure there are probably corners to be cut on even my suggestions!)


Spider donuts

Items needed: Large pretzel twists, mini donuts, M&Ms and a little frosting or melted chocolate

Cookie Monster Bark

Items needed: Chocolate, blue candy melts, Oreos and candy eyes (or white chocolate melts and choc chips)

Panda Donuts

Ingredients needed: Chocolate Donuts*, Oreos, chocolate (to melt) and white icing

*I would buy already made chocolate donuts to avoid having to make them

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Items needed: Chocolate Cupcakes packet mixture, white icing, white chocolate melts, chic chips, blue food colouring and choc chip cookies

Paw cupcakes

Items needed: Cupcake packet mixture, white icing, milk chocolate melts and Oreos

Ballerina marshmallows

Items needed: Marshmallows, Pink sugar candy, small amount of icing or frosting, skewers and pink cupcake patties

Melon skewers

Items needed: Melons, skewers and letter stencils