Ava- 2 years old!

Well I have been super slack when it comes to posting.. we can call it lack of inspiration! Guys.. what would you like to see posts on? Apart from photos of my amazing daughter I am totally lacking in the inspirational field.

If you follow me on insta you’ll know that Ava turned two last week! I took some quick photos the week before so I would have a current photo to post for her birthday (yes, I’m that mum)! Just as her little scratch on her cheek has been healing (it’s been almost 5 months) she fell and knocked her head on the heater two days ago and now has a gash near her eye… I thought only boys were supposed to be rough?! Anyways.. On a happy side note- I thought Ava needed 2 year old immunizations (yes, I’m also that mum that immunizes her daughter)..wellllllll…she actually doesn’t get any more until she’s 4! Woohoo for Ava!

So.. here is our baby girl.. 2 years on..




Baby Ava- 18 weeks on!

Well friends, Ava is 18 weeks old.. I feel like I deserve a high-five for keeping a baby alive for 18 weeks! While it hasn’t necessarily been difficult it is a HUGE life change. The older she gets the HUGE-ER (is that even a word) the change gets!!

She’s still sleeping through the night (thankfully), but her naps during the day are becoming significantly shorter. She has steam rolled with discovering things:

  • her hair (she reaches behind her head and rubs and grabs her hair..haha)
  • her fingers (they are constantly in her mouth..we think she’s starting to teethe)
  • her voice (she screams excitedly all the time! She is also laughing so much)

Ava experienced her first Christmas this year- she slept through the opening of presents on Christmas Eve and the entire Christmas Service at church.. #nailedit

We did manage to get some photos before the service though..


She made out with a few toys and some books and was highly stimulated for 3 days by the overbearing love from her cousin. We can’t wait till next year when she can actually feel some of the same excitement we do!

I took some photos of her the week before Christmas just incase we didn’t get any on the actual day..

img_2858img_2857img_2856-1We visited the huge Christmas tree in the Queen Victoria Building.. definitely a must if you have little ones!! (Picture below of Ava with her Oma)


We braved downtown Sydney for the Christmas Tree.. along with half of Sydney..so Greg ended up taking her in the carrier at the end.. it was so cute!!

img_2914Overall everything has been going great with Ava! She had her 4 month shots today and screamed the house down. It was so so sad to watch. It’s a public holiday here in Sydney so Greg was able to hold her for her shots.. I still cried like a baby (even though I stepped out of the room).

She had her first try of rice cereal yesterday!!! She seemed to enjoy it.. I didn’t exactly know what to do so I made up the recommended amount on the box.. 2.5TBSP of rice cereal to 90ml of water.. yeah.. way to much.. I need to research a recipe that makes half of that.. We gave her half of the rice cereal followed by a 90ml bottle. She slept fine so I think we got a thumbs up on that! (on a side note.. she kept trying to help me put the spoon in her mouth..so I ended up grabbing another spoon for her to play with while I kept using the one I had to feed her)


Well, this weekend she’s going to be taking the 5th flight of her short 4 month life- we can’t wait for her to meet some of our extended “family” members!!


P.S. I have a great Lamb Recipe coming to you tomorrow.. followed by a great Raw Banoffee Pie recipe on Thursday!! Trust me..these are two good ones!!!

Baby Ava, 3 weeks on..

Ava is now 3 weeks old- ahhh! I can’t believe time has gone so fast! Overall she has been an amazing baby- we truly feel so blessed!

We’ve had a few hiccups with her bringing up a feed every few days. We thought we narrowed it down to a particular teat on a bottle (so we’ve stopped using that bottle), but she threw up again this morning. We can’t seem to find the trigger so we’ll need to keep going through the process of elimination. 
Since coming home from the hospital she has slept in 4-5 hour blocks with a few 6 hour blocks in there too- yay! Greg and I have adjusted to the broken sleep quite well if you ask me. We have a process down where he makes the bottles for the night feeds and I change her nappy- I’m so blessed with such a helpful husband, honestly- I have been functioning these past few weeks because of his great help!

Ava eats like a champion- taking both the bottle, formula and breast milk- we have been so blessed!

She loves the car and the pram- and can sleep through any noise (i.e church, vacuuming etc)

I wanted to say a special thank you to my mum. She has gone above and beyond- she visits every week and cooks us dinner- and on the weekends, when we have stayed at her house she wakes up for the midnight feed so we can sleep. I have seen her dote on Ava so much- it’s so beautiful to watch..I can already tell Oma is going to be Ava’s favourite! 

Today, during her midday nap I decided to take a few photos of our little beauty.. she also slept through that.. haha.. Happy 3 weeks my baby!

I love you so much!!