Birthday Party Thank You Tags

For Ava’s thank-you’s Greg and I made up fairy floss ice cream cones. My inspiration came from Pinterest..


We placed them in plastic sleeves, tied them off with pink ribbon and added a little thank you tag.

I placed lollies (candy) on the tables so I didn’t want to give our typical lolly bags as a thank you.

Here are the tags I made up for Ava’s birthday for you to download!

Thank you Tags

Thank you Printable Tags

On the side I made up some thank you notes. How sweet would it be to print off a few of these and drop them into your girlfriends handbag!

Sometimes mummas need a little encouragement!

thank you Cards.jpg

Thank You Cards Printable

Entertainment for days.. well multiple minutes..


Major Cities by Omy

Ava is at the age where a piece of toast will occupy her long enough for me to eat breakfast.. at dinner time, a cut up banana or piece of chicken will hold her attention for at least 5 minutes as she tries to self feed herself.. it is amazing.. While I love my child, I have forgotten what it is like to eat dinner and only worry about myself. My entire family, who watch Ava during the week all laugh when we swap stories from the week gone by and notice a reoccuring theme of eating breakfast at 10:30am after she has gone down for her nap.. or eating lunch at 2:15pm because if she sees you eating she’ll want some of your food (even if she has eaten her lunch, a snack and had a bottle).. I love that she loves food.. but have you ever tried eating a meal with a pair of eyes staring at you willing you to give them a piece of whatever you’re eating? It doesn’t matter if it’s broccoli or a donut.. she wants it.. and she wants it bad!

At this stage of Ava’s life her- bread or cut up pieces of chicken, is to mum’s of 2-4 years olds what these giant colouring sheets are! If you remember, back last week, I spoke about a friend of mine who had a massive chalkboard wall- I can imagine the lengths of entertainment her kids find drawing and creating on this wall.. well.. if you don’t have a spare wall at the moment, or you’re renting and don’t think your landlord would approve of an entire chalkboard wall- we have a solution!


Thanksgiving by Caraven Shoppe1African Animals by Caravan Shoppe

You can get these large colouring sheets printed at your local print store- for us here in Australia that would be Officeworks. If you are printing black and white they are only $2-$4 a sheet which is fantastic!

I custom designed an A0 sized colouring sheet for Ava! If you would like a custom file download colouring sheet for your children, send me an email!

A- Ava.jpg

Or there is another very cheap alternative that looks great- mounting a roll of kraft paper onto the wall!


Wall Mounted Paper Roll by George & WillyThis stylish residence is nestled on a large level block in a desirably tranquil cul-de-sac location.The house comes complete with two living rooms, a welcoming kitchen%2Fdining area, two bathrooms, three bedrooms,  (1).jpg

Studio Roll by George & Willy |Ekby Jarpen Shelf by Ikea | 900mm Kraft Paper Roll from Officeworks | Artline Markers from Officeworks | DIY by Yellow Brick Home

Back to School Free Printable Drink Sleeves

I came across these free printable coffee cup sleeves over at WhipperBerry- I think Heather’s post was sponsored for a particular cup (which I don’t think we have here in Australia)- but it was such a great idea that you could use on any takeaway cup. You can buy coffee takeaway cups in bulk from your local grocery store.

Of course your kids probably aren’t drinking coffee but cold drinks would work just as good! Below are a few of my favourite!

Coffee Sleeves.jpg

What a special way to brighten your child’s day! Happy Printing!

Father’s Day!

Ava was born just in time for Greg to experience his first Father’s Day! He has seamlessly transitioned into fatherhood (of an 11 day old..haha) and has been so supportive- he truly has astounded me. What kind of guy will wake up every 4 hours during the night just to sit and chat so you don’t have to be awake feeding by yourself!

I’ve been stockpiling a few printable’s for Father’s Day with the hope of using them next year- these past 2 weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind with Ava! Below is a roundup of cheap and easy gifts/printable’s and outfits that I am loving!

Beach Resort Travel Photo Collage

One- Rad like dad bib (Cotton on) // Two- Best Dad Ever t-shirt (Cotton on) // Three- Daddy is the best onesie (Target) // Four- Dad Keyring (Pearlie Girl) // Five- Dear Dad Free Printable (Cool Mom Picks) // Six- Dad’s mug (afewhometruths)

Statement Wall Art

I’ve always loved large statement wall art and thankfully it’s quite cheap to create! Our local printing store (Officeworks) can print large prints for only $3-$6. The frames that I use are ones from our local Kmart, though you do have to cut the print down a few cm on either side.

Below are two prints from Caravan Shoppe that I have in our home. The one on the left is from their Thanksgiving Woodland Set and the one on the right is from their Whole lotta love set.

Below are some of my other favourites at the moment. Most of the below are free (minus one or two).


From left to right:

Everything is awesome / Triangles / My piece of foreign sky / Assateague island pony / You are capable / Remember why you started

Happy printing!!