The Modern Dad- Birthday Ideas

Tomorrow is Greg’s birthday. This will be 9 birthdays together! We have climbed bridges, gone to fancy restaurants.. I have given him handmade gifts and bought gifts. We have stayed places for a weekend as well as celebrated with friends at home..

One thing I’m grateful for is, that finding a gift for him has never been hard. He usually provides us (the family) with a list of things he has been wanting. These normally are in the higher price range- things he won’t just buy day-to-day..

With tomorrow being his birthday, I have compiled a list of gift ideas which I’m sure the modern techie dad would love..


One- Personalised Men’s Leather Laptop Case (AU version) ($170)| Two- Luxury Travel Leather Case For Him (AU Version) ($620) | Three- Deep Duffle in navy ($205) | Four- Dad Jokes Mug ($22) | Five- Set of four cable clips | Six-  Custom Cufflinks ($70) | Seven- Fitbit Alta ($249) | Eight- Timberland Glasses ($249)