Podcasts- the good, the better and the life changing!

c343e527a59d717c36566367ca4198bdOkay, I am not a podcast obsessor like my husband but since having more time in the car, I’ve committed to listening to podcasts which are helping to shape my behaviours, routines and ambitions. For me podcasts were something that my husband really enjoyed- they were kind of monotonous- listening to someone go and on and on- nothing to watch or look at.. It reminded me of high school.

Fast forward a few years – the Podcast space has really become flooded with great content! I listen through Apple’s Podcast app so I’m assuming you’d be able to find the same apps on an Android App Store.

Though I’m not a small business owner I would have to say that my favourite types of podcasts are generally geared towards business owners- I always get so inspired by people going after their dreams. While I don’t think I will ever run my own business I am the biggest advocate and supporter of people who do! I have so many friends who have started their own companies the last few years- seeing them post on social media about jobs they get is seriously so exciting to me. I literally have done happy dances in my living room because I am such a supporter of them and their dreams!

If you have a spare 20-30 minutes in the car and you need to hear someone motivate the mess out of you.. these are for you:

  • Building a Storybrand with Donald Miller
  • How I built this with Guy Raz
  • Rise Podcast by Rachel Hollis

If you’re just wanting to know “stuff” for that one time you may get onto “Who wants to be a millionaire”.. I gotcha right here:

  • 99% invisible
  • Myths and Legends
  • Stuff you should know
  • TED Talks Daily
  • This American Life

If you love hearing people’s stories about life, babies, immigration, family…these have it all..

  • The Moth
  • Australia Birth Stories

If you know you are already a rockstar spouse but you may or may not need a little more work, here you go:

  • Marriage after God with Aaron & Jennifer Smith
  • Rise Together with Rachel and Dave Hollis
  • Fierce Marriage with Ryan and Selena Frederick

Quick Tidbits to be a better parent (side note- I find these episodes way too short..):

  • Parenting Great Kids by Dr Meg Meeker

..and lastly..if you need a laugh:

  • They HeyDad Podcast

Happy  listening friends!

What I’m currently listening to..


Today I’m bringing to you a few new and a few previously-posted podcasts! My favourite’s this month would definitely be the Fierce Marriage podcast and the Hey Dad podcast! Fierce Marriage is a conversation with Ryan and Selena Frederick on all things building and protecting your marriage with a Godly perspective. The Hey Dad podcast is a bunch of guys talking about dadhood- the funny, the ugly and everything in between- they are great to listen to!

Copy of Wedding Gift Ideas.jpg

Focus on the Marriage   |  Fierce Marriage  |  The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivy  |  Coffee and Crumbs  |  Hey Dad!

What I’m currently listening to..

I have 2-3 days where I catch up on my podcasts for the week. This is about the only time I don’t have anyone else in the car and can actually listen in silence! I have a few great podcasts on rotation at the moment that I think you’ll love if you’re a mum or dad and looking for inspiration to get back into a hobby you love or pick that skill back up!

You’ll notice a theme with the podcasts I have on rotation at the moment- entrepreneurship! Trust me, after listening to “How I built this” you’ll want to go out and start a business!

Here’s a round up of my fav’s at the moment:

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivy  |  Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller  |  How I built this with Guy Raz  |  This American Life  |  The Goal Digger  |  Munchin with Moguls